Thi??n t??nh ch???

B??t k?? c???a ????? Ho??ng Khi t??i v?? nh?? v??n Ph???m Thanh Kh????ng t??? tr??n b???n L?? Si t???n c??ng ?????t n?????c ??? tr??n ch??t v??t c???c B???c Lai Ch??u v??? ?????n ?????n Bi??n ph??ng Thu L??m th?? c?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u ???? xu???ng S??n La tr?????c ???? m???t ng??y, c?? v??? ????? k???p nh???p h???c kho?? h???c ?????i h???c, khoa ti???u h???c c???a tr?????ng ?????i h???c T??y B???c.
Thi??n t??nh ch???
Thi??n t??nh ch???

B??t k?? c???a ????? Ho??ng

Khi t??i v?? nh?? v??n Ph???m Thanh Kh????ng t??? tr??n b???n L?? Si t???n c??ng ?????t n?????c ??? tr??n ch??t v??t c???c B???c Lai Ch??u v??? ?????n ?????n Bi??n ph??ng Thu L??m th?? c?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u ???? xu???ng S??n La tr?????c ???? m???t ng??y, c?? v??? ????? k???p nh???p h???c kho?? h???c ?????i h???c, khoa ti???u h???c c???a tr?????ng ?????i h???c T??y B???c.
T??i v?? anh Kh????ng ?????u ng??i ng??i c???m th???y nh?? m??nh c?? c??i l???i g?? ???? v??? vi???c c?? gi??o Hi???u kh??ng c??ng ??i theo ??o??n v??? xu??i nh?? ???? h???n.
T??i ??i v??o ??i ra s??n ?????n, t???i ph??ng kh??ch nh?? c??n m?????ng t?????ng h??nh ???nh c?? gi??o Hi???u thanh m???nh d???u hi???n, ??nh m???t m??? to c?? c??i nh??n ?????p nh??ng phong s????ng, quy???t li???t.
V???n chuy???n nh?? th??? n??y: Cu???i th??ng 5 n??m 2009 v???a qua, ?????i t??, nh?? v??n Ph???m Thanh Kh????ng, Ph?? t???ng bi??n t???p b??o Bi??n ph??ng ??i c??ng t??c Lai Ch??u m???i t??i ??i c??ng ??o??n. Ba h??m tr?????c ??o??n ?????n ???????c ?????n Thu L??m. Thu L??m l?? m???t ?????n n???m s??t c???a kh???u Matukho??ng . B?? kia l?? V??n Nam, Trung Qu???c.
Anh Kh????ng tranh th??? l??m vi???c v???i c??n b??? l??nh ?????o ?????n ????? c??n ??i b???n L?? Si. B???n L?? Si l?? m???t b???n c?? t???c ng?????i La H??? duy nh???t ??ang ???????c ?????ng v?? Nh?? n?????c c??ng c??c c???p ch??nh quy???n k???t h???p v??i b??? ?????i Bi??n ph??ng c???u v???t.
?????ng ch?? Trung t?? Nguy???n Ti???n Ng???c ?????n tr?????ng gi???i thi???u c??? g??i ng???i ?????i di???n v???i ch??ng t??i t??n l?? Hi???u, con d??u c???a ?????n. ??i c??ng t??c v???i Bi??n ph??ng nhi???u n??m, ?????n nhi???u n??i, t??i hi???u ngay l?? nh???ng c?? g??i c?? ng?????i y??u ho???c c?? ch???ng ??ang c??ng t??c t???i ?????n m???i ???????c g???i c??i t??n th??n thi???t nh?? v???y.
C?? n??i ng??y kia xu???ng S??n La nh???p h???c, xin qu?? giang xe b??o Bi??n ph??ng. Anh Kh????ng h??? h???i duy???t ngay:
- Em ?????i ch??ng t??i ??i L?? Si ra l?? c??ng v??? xu??i. ??i L?? Si ch??? hai ng??y th??i!.
C?? Hi???u m???ng l???m s??ng l??n m???t c??ch c???m ?????ng. ??i c??ng t??c mi???n n??i ?????n nh???ng n??i xa x??i nh?? th??? n??y m?? c?? xe xin ???????c ??i nh??? l?? m???t ??i???u may m???n.Kh??ng ch??? c?? Hi???u vui m?? ch??ng t??i c??ng vui. Trong xe th??m m???t ng?????i b???n ???????ng, nh???t l?? c?? gi??o th?? hay bi???t m???y.
Kh??ng ng??? ch??ng t??i ??i b???n L?? Si m???t ba ng??y. May m?? v?????t qua c??c ????nh n??i cao tr??n 2 000 m??t, l???i qua qua c??c con su???i tr?????c ng??y m??a, n???u kh??ng ch??ng t??i ph???i n???m l???i tr??n n??i ??t nh???t v??i tu???n.
V??? ?????n ?????n Thu L??m, anh em ??n v???i b??t c??m l?? l??n ???????ng v??? xu??i, n???u ch???m m???t gi??? th?? kh??ng c?? c??ch g?? tho??t kh???i c??c con su???i n?????c d??? nh?? thu???ng lu???ng ng??n c???n m???i xe ph??o.
Anh em h???i c?? Hi???u ????u r???i th?? c??c ?????ng ch?? c??n b??? trong ?????n Thu L??m b???o r???ng c?? Hi???u kh??ng ?????i ???????c ch??ng t??i, c?? ph???i v??? tr?????ng ????? k???p nh???p h???c.
Kh??ng ch??? anh Kh????ng v?? t??i m?? c??? m???y anh em trong ??o??n b??o Bi??n Ph??ng c??ng xuy???n xao, ??n h???n m???t c??ch m?? h???. Nh??ng bi???t l??m th??? n??o?

* *
C?? Hi???u t??n ?????y ????? l?? ?????ng Th??? Hi???u. Hi???u sinh n??m 1983, qu?? ??? Th???ch H???i, Th???ch H??, t???nh H?? T???nh. B??? m??? c???a Hi???u l??m ru???ng ??? qu?? nh??. Hai ng?????i c??ng tu???i B??nh Th??n t???c l?? sinh n??m 1956, hi???n nay 53 tu???i t??y, 54 tu???i ta. Hi???u c?? m???t ch??? hai em. C?? m???t em theo ngh??? s?? ph???m nh?? Hi???u,. hi???n ??ang h???c s?? ph???m t???i H?? T???nh.
Con g??i, con trai x??? ch??ng t??i c?? vi???c l??m l?? may, c?? n??i h???c l?? qu??, th??n c??, th??? c?? nh??? c???y ai m?? k??n c?? ch???n canh, cho n??n m???c d???u ??? H?? T???nh nh??ng nghe Qu???ng Ng??i tuy???n sinh s?? ph???m ti???u h???c, ?????ng Th??? Hi???u n???p ????n v?? ???????c g???i v??o h???c.
Th???i bu???i b??y gi??? c?? b???ng ti???n s??? th???t, h???c ??? n?????c ngo??i, kh??ng ph???i b???ng mua m?? ki???m ???????c m???t vi???c l??m kh?? d?? c??n kh?? hu???ng h??? g?? h???c c??c tr?????ng c?? th????ng hi???u khi??m t???n.
Hi???u c??ng ph???i ch???t v???t l???m khi h???c v?? khi ra tr?????ng. ??? Phi lip pin, b??c s??? c??n ph???i ??i ?????p x??ch l?? ki???m s???ng hu???ng g?? l?? ??? n?????c m??nh?
Ra tr?????ng, Hi???u b?? v?? nh?? m???i ng?????i. Nhi???u ch??ng trai ????? ????m, manh m??ng c?? t?? ti???n mu???n mua ng?????i ?????p. M???t ch??t m???m y???u l?? th??i r???i l?????m ??i! C?? gi??o l???y m???t ??ng l??u l???ng, v?? ngh??? v?? nghi???p l?? xong phim. Nh??ng Hi???u kh??ng ph???i nh?? v???y. Tuy r???ng ?????u tranh ????? v?????t qua s??? c??m d??? c???a ?????ng ti???n, ?????t ??ai, nh?? c???a b??y gi??? n?? kh?? h??n l??n cung tr??ng.
M???i 22 tu???i bao m?? ?????c kh??t khao, mu???n mong c???ng hi???n. Hi???u l??n m???ng nghe Lai Ch??u tuy???n gi??o sinh m???i t???t nghi???p l??n d???y v??ng s??u v??ng xa ???????c tuy???n v??o bi??n ch???, ph??? c???p khu v???c tr??m ph???n tr??m l????ng, Hi???u n???p ????n ??i ngay.
B??? qua b???n b?? th??n m???c, b??? qua ng?????i t??nh s?? ph???m m???ng m??. b??? qua nh???ng ?????ng ti???n mua g??i d??? d??i, c?? gi??o sinh 22 tu???i ch??? m???t c???i t??i du l???ch b??nh d??n v?? v??i b??? ??o qu???n nh?? ????? b??nh d???n th??n l??n T??y B???c ngh??n tr??ng ????? l??m vi???c m?? m??nh say m??.
S??? ra ??i c???a c?? Hi???u nh?? s??? ra ??i c???a c???a bao th??? h??? tr?????c ????y th??? hi???n trong th?? Th??m T??m:
Ng?????i ??i ??? nh???, ng?????i ??i th???t.
M??? gi?? coi nh?? l?? b???ng kh??ng
Anh c??ng coi nh?? l?? h???t b???i
Ba n??m xa m??? c??ng ?????ng tr??ng!
Khi t??i g???p c?? gi??o Hi???u th?? c?? ???? d???y h???c ??? Lai Ch??u 3 n??m ch???n. C?? Hi???u d???y ??? tr?????ng ti???u h???c Ka L??ng 2 thu???c x?? Ka L??ng, huy???n M?????ng T??. ?????c gi??? bi???t kh??ng? T??? th??? tr???n M?????ng T?? l??n Ka L??ng n???u t??i nh??? kh??ng nh???m th?? ???????ng ??i g???n 200 km, m?? ???????ng ?????c ?????o, to??n l??: ???D???c l??n kh??c kh???u, d???c th??m th???m/ Heo h??t c???n m??y s??ng ng???i tr???i/ Ng??n th?????c l??n cao ng??n th?????c xu???ng!(Quang D??ng)???.
C?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u l?? m???t c?? g??i ?????p, th??ng minh t???m th?????c, nh??? nh???n v?? ?????y ngh??? l???c. Thi???u n??? x??? ????ng trong kh??ng to b??o nh?? ph??? n??? th??? th??nh nh??ng nh?? ng?????i l??nh, h??? r???t can tr?????ng v?? c?? thu???, c?? chung.
T??i h???i Hi???u:
- Em ??? ba n??m trong b???n s??u, c?? thanh ni??n b???n ?????n ng??? ?? y??u em kh??ng? C?? Hi???u tr??? l???i th??nh th???c:
- Kh??ng anh ???. Trai b???n h??? t??n tr???ng c?? gi??o, h??? kh??ng ?????n qu???y nhi???u.
T??i nh??? l???i c??ch ????y g???n 20 n??m nh??n chuy???n ??i c??ng t??c T??y Nguy??n, xe ch??ng r??i xuy??n su???t cao nguy??n Trung ph???n. M???t l???n ngh??? l???i g???n m???t b???n ng?????i ?? ???? g???n ?????c Min ng?? ba bi??n gi???i, v??o nh?? m???t c?? gi??o ven ???????ng. M???y ?????a con c???a c?? t??c xo??n, da m??u ?????ng ??en, ren ?? ???? n?? m???nh nh?? ren T??y. ?????a n??o c??ng h???c b???. C?? gi??o t??n l?? C??ng t???ng T??n n??? M??? Loan, qu?? ??? Hu???. C?? Loan h???c s?? ph???m Quy Nh??n ???????c ??i???u l??n T??y Nguy??n d???y sau gi???i ph??ng mi???n Nam 1975. ??? tr??n n??i r???ng heo h??t, c?? li??u, kh??ng m???t ng?????i con trai n??o t???i th??m. ????m ????m ch??? c?? c??c ch??ng trai ?? ???? ?????n h??t thu???c v?? t??n chuy???n v?? khi th?? cho con ch???n, khi thi cho l??t m???t ong. R???i m??a, r???i gi??, r??i ????m d??i nh?? th??? k???. V?? th??nh con th??nh c??i, th??nh c??i nh?? ??? lu??n tr??n T??y Nguy??n.
Khi kh??ng, tr???i c??ng chi???u ng?????i. V?? c??ng c?? may b??? ?????i Bi??n ph??ng k???t h???p c??ng gi??o d???c xo?? m?? cho b?? con d??n t???c. Trong nh???ng ?????t ??i xo?? m?? nh?? v???y c?? Hi???u l???i g???p ???????c ng?????i s??? quan Bi??n ph??ng tr??? tu???i l??m y s??? ??? ?????n Thu L??m c??ch ch??? c?? Hi???u d???y tr??n 30 kil??m??t. Ch??ng ta l???i c??ng qu??, ??? Can L???c li???n ph??a B???c Th???ch H??. Th??? l?? chuy???n ???? n??n ngh??a. H??? k???t g???n ???? hai n??m nay. Ng?????i y??u c???a c?? Hi???u t??n l?? Nguy???n Xu??n ??nh, thi???u u??, y s??? c???a ?????n Thu L??m. ??nh l?? m???t s??? quan cao to, ?????p trai. Ra ??i v???n d???m g???p ???????c ?????ng h????ng, c?? l??? c??ng hi???m l???m v?? ????ng qu?? l???m. ????i t??nh nh??n n??y c??ng c?? nhi???u d??? to??n ????? cho cu???c s???ng nay mai c???a m??nh, c???a con c??i tr??n ?????p h??n n???a!
M???i t??nh c???a c?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u v?? Nguy???n Xu??n ??nh c??ng ?????p nh?? m???i t??nh c???a c?? gi??o V??? Th??? M??? v?? V??ng D??? Xu???n ??? x?? L???ng C??, huy???n ?????ng V??n, H?? Giang.
C?? V??? Th??? M??? ng?????i M??ng sinh n??m 1981 h???c s?? ph???m H?? Giang ??? b??n M??o V???c sang d???y h???c ??? L??ng C?? t??? n??m 2006. C?? ???????c t??ng c?????ng c???m b???n, d???y ??? x??m S???o L??ng. M???t x??m c???c b???c t???t c??ng c???a T??? qu???c. ??? ????y c?? ???? b??n duy??n n??n v???, n??n ch???ng v???i anh V??ng D??? Xu???n ng?????i L?? L??, b??? ?????i Bi??n Ph??ng t???nh H?? Giang. Anh Xu???n hi???n ???????c t??ng c?????ng l??m c??n b??? c???t c??n cho x?? L??ng C??, huy???n ?????ng V??n. Hai v??? ch???ng ???? sinh ???????c m???t con, l??m ???????c nh??, mua xe m??y, c?? cu???c s???ng ???n ?????nh.

????y l?? m???t th??ng s??? r???t hay m?? sau n??y c??c nh?? t??m l??, c??c nh?? x?? h???i h???c s??? nghi??n c???u d??i d??i. T??i ??i r???t nhi???u v???i b??? ?????i Bi??n ph??ng, b??? ?????i H???i qu??n, h??? l?? nh???ng ng?????i ?????ng canh gi??? bi???n, tr???i cho T??? qu???c, c?? th??? l?? h??nh t?????ng trong v??n h???c m?? c??c th??? h??? h???c tr?? n??o ch??? h???c. C??i hay nh???t l?? t??? l??? b??? ?????i l???y v??? gi??o vi??n l?? nhi???u nh???t. C?? th??? l?? b??? ?????i gian kh??? nh???t, c?? gi??o l?? ng?????i th????ng c???m nh???t v?? nh??n theo g??c nh??n kinh t??? hi???n ?????i l?? ?????u thanh b???n n??n d??? ?????ng c???m v???i nhau. Hai tr??i tim, hai t??m h???n c??ng m???t nh???p ?????p. C?? th??? k??? v??i d???n ch???ng cho th?? v???: ?????i t?????ng T???ng T?? l???nh ?????u ti??n c???a Qu??n ?????i ta V?? Nguy??n Gi??p c?? v??? l?? gi??o s?? ?????ng Th??? H??. T??i nh??? c?? l???n n??m 1982, l??c c??? Gi??p th??i gi??? c??c ch???c tr???ng y???u ch??? l?? Ph?? th??? t?????ng, c??? v??o th??m t???nh B??nh Tr??? Thi??n, tr??n ???????ng ra L??? Thu??? th??m qu??, ??o??n c??n b??? c???p cao Ch??nh ph??? ngh??? ??? D???c S???i - L??? Thu???, c?? H?? n??i chuy???n nh??n t??nh th??? th??i v??? c??c m???nh ph??? ??i bu??n, c?? ?????c c??u Ki???u m?? ?????n gi??? t??i v???n nh???: B???n ???y th?? ??? M??u tham h??? th???y h??i ?????ng th?? m?????!
Sau ???? l?? Trung t?????ng H???ng C??, Trung t?????ng H???ng S??n ?????u c?? v??? l?? c?? gi??o. ?????n h??m nay anh Nguy???n Th??nh H???i, ?????o tr?????ng Tr?????ng Sa l???n ng?????i V??nh Ch???p, V??nh Linh, Qu???ng Tr??? c??ng c?? v??? l?? c?? gi??o dang d???y h???c t???i qu?? nh??. V?? r???t nhi???u nhi???u c??n b??? chi???n s??? kh??c c?? v??? l?? c?? gi??o. Nh??n l???i ?????i t??, nh?? v??n Ph???m Thanh Kh????ng v?? t??i ????y ?????u c??ng c?? v??? l?? c?? gi??o.
L?? ?????ng nam nhi, t??i l?? ng?????i phi??u b???ng trong c??i nh??n gian n??y kh??ng ph???i ??t. Th??? m?? m???i l???n g??p c??c c?? g??i d???n th??n trong ?????i th???c ????? m??u sinh, ????? t???n t???i, t??i tr??m ph???n c???m ph???c.
??? Anh m???i giang h???, giang h??? v???t/ Nghi???p ch?????ng h??nh nh?? v???n h??y c??n/ Em ???? giang h???, giang h??? th???t/ Th??n g??i phi??u b???ng d???m n??i non!???
C?? Hi???u k??? cho ch??ng t??i nghe: ???C?? ??ang d???y t??? l???p m???t ?????n l???p n??m. L???p c?? c?? 8 h???c sinh.
T??i l?? ng?????i t???ng ??i d???y h???c m?? d???y tr?????c ng??y c?? Hi???u sinh l?? 15 n??m. T??i l???i d???y ng?????i Kinh, d???y c??n b??? c??? gi??m ?????c n??ng tr?????ng, s??? quan qu??n ?????i, c??n b??? qu???n l?? c???p ph??ng c???a huy???n thu??? th??? k??? tr?????c m?? r???i ch??? th???y tr??? l???i cho th???y. Hu???ng h??? g?? c?? Hi???u d???y ng?????i Dao, ng?????i H?? Nhi, ng?????i M??ng, ng?????i M??o??? sau ???? l?? ng?????i La H??? - ch??? b???t chu???t ????o giun ??n s???ng, kh??ng thi???t ??n g???o Ch??nh ph???, kh??ng c?? ch??? th?? h???c ch??? m?? l??m g??? - M???t t???p ng?????i ??ang di???t vong.
???y th??? m?? c?? Hi???u c?? th??nh t??ch ?????y. C??? Nguy???n V??n Huy??n th???i khai s??ng, b??c Tr???n H???ng Qu??n, b??c Nguy???n Minh Hi???n, ?????n nay Ph?? Th??? t?????ng Ch??nh ph???, B??? tr?????ng B??? Gi??o d???c v?? ????o t???o Nguy???n Thi???n Nh??n ph???i n??u g????ng!
??? tr??n c??i ?????i Ka Long m??a ????ng th?? r??t l???nh bu???t, gi?? b???c c???t th???t, m??a h?? th?? n??ng h??n c??? c??t rang l???a nh?? sa m???c Sahara, c?? Hi???u c??ng nhi???u c?? gi??o kh??c ???? v?? m??u sinh l??m tr??n b???n ph???n c???a m??nh, d???y c??c ch??u xo?? m??. ?????u ?????n n??m n??o c??ng v???n ?????ng c??c em ?????n l???p.
- L??m sao m?? v???n ?????ng c??c em b?? ng?????i d??n t???c ?????n l???p ???????c? ??? T??i h???i.
C?? Hi???u nh??? nh??? tr??? l???i:
- X?? K?? L??ng ??a ph???n l?? b?? con d??n t???c H?? Nh??. T??? l??u ??? ????y l?? x?? tr???ng v??? gi??o d???c. Con trai, con g??i bi???t r???t ??t ch??? ph??? th??ng. Ch??ng em d???a v??o ??o??n thanh ni??n, Ph??? n??? x??, d???a v??o b??? ?????i Bi??n ph???ng n??n m???i v???n ?????ng c??c em t???i l???p. B??? ?????i Bi??n ph??ng l?? l???c l?????ng n??ng c???t m???i m???t tr??n d??i ?????t bi??n c????ng n??y.
- Em L?? Ch?? P??? con trai h???c l???p 4 sinh n??m 1998 l?? h???c sinh gi???i li??n t???c nhi???u n??m ???????c Ph??ng gi??o d???c M?????ng T?? khen th?????ng. Em l??m to??n vi??t v??n r???t th??ng th???o. Em L?? Ch??? Pha con g??i h???c l???p 4 c??ng l?? h???c sinh gi???i nhi???u n??m gi???ng nh?? em P???.
C??ch ????y h??n 40 n??m, kho???ng n??m 1965, 1966 ??? huy???n L??? Thu???, t???nh Qu???ng B??nh c?? em H??? V??n Ch???c h???c sinh l???p 4, d??n t???c ng?????i V??n Ki???u ??i thi h???c gi???i to??n c???a huy???n ???? ?????t gi???i nh???t. ???? l?? c??u chuy???n c?? th???t m?? t??i ???? vi???t ra thi??n truy???n ng???n sau ???? t???p ch?? V??n ngh??? B??nh Tr??? Thi??n in s???a l???i (CH???C) ?????i???u th?? v??? b???t ng?????? ????? ca ng???i c??c th???y c?? l??n r???ng c???m b???n, c??ng ??n c??ng ???, c??ng l??m v???i b?? con d??n t???c, d??u d???t d???y ch??? cho h???.
??? d?????i xu??i tr??? l???p m???t ???? ?????c th??ng vi???t th???o l?? chuy???n b??nh th?????ng, nh??ng tr??n r???o cao n??y h???c l???p 4 m?? bi???t n??i vi???t ????ng l??m to??n b???ng ch??? ch??? ph??? th??ng l?? qu?? l???m r???i. B?? con d??n t???c nhi???u ng?????i m?? ch???, m?? ti???ng ph??? th??ng l???m.
??o??n b?? con d??n t???c H?? Nh?? ??? b???n L?? Na gi??p b??? ?????i v???n chuy???n h??ng l??n b???n L?? Si h??m tr?????c c?? t??i v?? anh Kh????ng c??ng ??i g???m 8 ng?????i : 4 ch??? trung n??? L?? Z??? S???, L?? L??u De, L?? X??? S???, L?? Phu Ze, hai thi???u n??? ????? 17, 18 t?????i Ch?? H?? P??? , M??? P?? Ca, v?? ch??ng trai 17 tu???i l?? S???ng P?? Nu. T???t c??? ?????u m?? ch???. Bi???t ti???ng ph??? th??ng r???t ??t, ph???i nh??? thi???u u?? L?? M?? Ch?? ??mn Thu L??m phi??n d???ch ch??ng t??i v???i chuy???n ???????c v???i ?????ng b??o. H???i ra c??c b???n d??n t???c tr??n r???o cao n??y m???i c?? tr?????ng h???c v??i n??m nay!
H???c v?? d???y tr??n n??y kh??ng d??? ch??t n??o. H???c ???????c c??i ch??? tr??n r???o cao n??y c??ng kh?? nh?? ??em c??n g???o, c??n mu???i l??n cho b?? con. Th??? m?? c?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u ???? b??m tr??? tr??n non c??ng su???i t???n n??y ???? ba n??m. Kh??ng ch??? d???y t???t, c?? Hi???u c??n l??m c??ng t??c v???n ?????ng qu???n ch??ng l?? b?? con d??n t???c H?? Nhi, M??ng??? ??? Ka L??ng tham gia c??c phong tr??o x?? h???i kh??c nh??: v??? sinh l??ng b???n, ch???ng ma tu??, sinh ????? c?? k??? ho???ch, b???o v??? bi??n gi???i???

Tr?????c ????y kho???ng b???y t??m n??m tr??n Ka L??ng ch??a c?? ???????ng ?? t?? n??n giao th??ng gi???a b???n n??y v?? kh??c l?? v?? c??ng kh?? kh??n. Nay c?? ???????ng ?? t?? do c??ng ty Tr?????ng Th??? thi c??ng ???? n???i ???????c v???i c??c b???n xa x??i, heo h??t. C??c c?? th???y gi??o c???m b???n ???? b??m ???????c v??o d??n. ???? ph???n n??o xo?? m?? cho tr??? con v?? ng?????i l???n.
C?? Hi???u cho bi???t th??m: - C???nh x?? Ka L??ng c?? hai b???n H?? Si, H?? N?? l?? b???n c???a ????ng b??o t???c ng?????i La H??? v???a ???????c c???u v???t n??m ngo??i ???? m??? ???????c m???t l???p h???c. Ng?????i l???n tr??? con c??ng h???c ch??ng l???p m???t, bu???i ?????u ???? n??i ???????c ti???ng ph??? th??ng, h??t ???????c b??i ???Nh?? c?? B??c H??? trong ng??y vui ?????i th???ng???
B??n c???nh c??ng t??c chuy??n m??n, x?? h???i, c?? Hi???u c??ng ch??m lo ??n t???p, t??? h???c th??m ki???n th???c v?? c?? ???? thi ????? v??o tr?????ng ?????i h???c T??y B???c h??? t???i ch???c, h???c khoa ti???u h???c. Th???t l?? m???t c??? g???ng v?????t b???c. V?? ch??? nh???ng ng?????i c?? ?? ch??, ngh??? l???c m???i l??m ???????c. C?? bao nhi??u ng?????i th???m ch?? c??? ?????ng nam nhi v?? xa x??i heo h??t, v?? bu???n n???n h??? ????? th???i gian tr??i d??i theo th??ng n??m. ?????n m???t l??c ????? n??m c??ng t??c, th??m ni??n v??ng mi???n h??? xin chuy???n v??ng ho???c v??? l???i b???n qu??n. H??? r??i v??o l???ng im nh?? nh???ng chi???c l?? v??ng trong th??m th???m ?????i ng??n l???ng theo d??ng su???i, m???t h??t v??o m?? s????ng.
C?? gi??o ?????ng Th??? Hi???u ???? bi???t v?????t l??n ch??nh m??nh.
M???y h??m chu???n b??? nh???p tr?????ng, c?? Hi???u t??? Ka Lang v?????t n??i ????o qua Thu L??m tranh th??? g???p ng?????i y??u. L?? v?? ???con d??u??? c???a ?????n n??n Hi???u ???????c t???t c??? anh em t??? ch??? huy ?????n chi???n s??? ch??m lo t???n t??nh, chu ????o. Nh?? c??c chi???n s??? bi??n ph??ng Hi???u c??ng coi ?????n l?? nh??, bi??n gi???i l?? qu?? h????ng.

Xe ??o??n b??o Bi??n ph??ng may m???n v?????t qua c??c con su???i hung d??? tr?????c khi m??a l?? ????? v???.Tr??n ???????ng ??i ???? th???y xe l??m ???????ng c???a c??ng ty Tr?????ng Th??? r???m r???ch r??t qu??n, tr??nh m??a m??a T??y B???c.
??ang k??? ngh??? h?? n??n ch??ng t??i c??ng th???y nhi???u th???y c?? g??i g???m ch???ng v??? ho???c ng?????i y??u m???t xe m??y xu???ng ???????ng v??? qu??. Thi???u t?? Nguy???n V??n Ho??, c??n b??? ch??nh s??ch c???a b??? ?????i Bi??n ph??ng t???nh Lai Ch??u nguy??n ch??nh tr??? vi??n ?????n Thu L??m k??? r???ng: ???Ng??y tr?????c ch??a c?? ???????ng ?? t?? v??o b???n, ??i t??? th??? tr???n M?????ng T??, c???u La H?? l??n c???a kh???u Ma tu kho??ng ??? Thu L??m ph???i ??i m???t g???n n???a th??ng. M???i bi???t, h???i ???y th???y c?? gi??o, b??? ?????i ??i l???i v???t v???, ch???u hy sinh bi???t nh?????ng n??o.
G???n chi???u xe ch??ng t??i ???? t???i ch??n c???u Lai H??. T??? c???u Lai H?? theo h?????ng ????ng r??? v??? b??n ph???i l?? ?????n M?????ng Lay. T??? M?????ng Lay ??i ??i???n Bi??n r???i xu???ng S??n La.
Anh Kh????ng th???ng th???t n??i:
- C?? gi??o Hi???u ch??? xin ??i nh??? ?????n c???u Lai H?? th??i. T??? ????y ph???i b???t xe kh??ch ??i S??n La.
- Nh?? v???y ?????n tr?????ng ?????i h???c T??y B???c c??n xa l???m ??? T??i n??i th??m.
C??c anh ng?????i b???n ?????a ?????u n??i l?? v??? S??n La c??n g???p ????i ???????ng ch??ng ta v???a ??i.
T??i ch???t nh??? l???i b??i th?? m??nh l??m t??? c??i th????? m???i ra tr?????ng:
???Th???y mi???t xu??i / L??n mi???t n??i/ ??i qua tr??m ng???n ????o/ ??i qua tr??m ng???n n??i/ ?????n b???n l??ng h???c ch??? b???n l??ng th??m???/ Mu???n l??m th???y gi??o gi???i tr??n n????ng/ Ph???i bi???t l??m tr?? h???c ch???!???
Chuy???n c?? gi??o Hi???u c??ng l?? m???t Thi??n t??nh ch??? th???i nay!

                               H?? N???i, ng??y 20 th??ng 6 n??m 2009.
                                             ?? ??? H

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