NGUYEN NG???C - HO?? B??NH KH?? NH???C - PH???N 3

C??ng vi???c H???i nh?? v??n, ai t???ng ??? ?????y ?????u bi???t, mu???n l??m th?? l??m bao nhi??u c??ng kh??ng h???t ; kh??ng l??m c??ng ch???ng sao. Ng?????i vi???t v???n vi???t. Ng?????i vi???t hay c??? vi???t hay. Ng?????i vi???t t???i c??? vi???t t???i.D???o ???y t??i c??? g???ng l??m hai vi???c : h???t s???c g??p ph???n l???p tr?????ng Nguy???n Du. V?? ra t??? V??n h???c n?????c ngo??i.Tr?????ng Nguy???n Du l?? ????? c??? g???ng d???n d???n t???o m???t th??? h??? c???m b??t m???i, ????? th???t h???c nh?? ch??ng t??i.
NGUYEN NG???C - HO?? B??NH KH?? NH???C - PH???N 3
NGUYEN NG???C - HO?? B??NH KH?? NH???C - PH???N 3
L???n ?????u ti??n c??ng b??? 1 ch????ng trong H???i k?? c???a nh?? v??n Nguy??n Ng???c
C??ng vi???c H???i nh?? v??n, ai t???ng ??? ?????y ?????u bi???t, mu???n l??m th?? l??m bao nhi??u c??ng kh??ng h???t ; kh??ng l??m c??ng ch???ng sao. Ng?????i vi???t v???n vi???t. Ng?????i vi???t hay c??? vi???t hay. Ng?????i vi???t t???i c??? vi???t t???i.
D???o ???y t??i c??? g???ng l??m hai vi???c : h???t s???c g??p ph???n l???p tr?????ng Nguy???n Du. V?? ra t??? V??n h???c n?????c ngo??i.
Tr?????ng Nguy???n Du l?? ????? c??? g???ng d???n d???n t???o m???t th??? h??? c???m b??t m???i, ????? th???t h???c nh?? ch??ng t??i.
T??? V??n h???c n?????c ngo??i l?? c??? g???ng ????? cho kinh nghi???m v??n h???c th??? gi???i th???m th???u d???n v??o ta. Xin m??i, kh??ng ra ch??nh th???c ???????c, ch??ng t??i l??m n???i san v???y, in ron??o, in x??-len, r???i in typo. C?? l???n B??? v??n h??a mu???n b??u di???u nh???ng anh b???t h???p ph??p, t??? ch???c tri???n l??m nh???ng t??? b??o in l???u, V??n h???c n?????c ngo??i c??ng vinh d??? c?? m???t trong cu???c ????. Anh ????o Xu??n Qu?? gi??p t??i trong c??ng vi???c n???i san n??y, b??i v???, d???ch thu???t, mi b??o, in ???n, g???n nh?? m???t m??nh anh ???y ch???ng ch???i. V??n ph??ng H???i ki???ng ri???ng v?? kinh ph?? kh??ng c??, ti???n b??o kh??ng thu ???????c. T??i ????nh b??i l???.
C??ng vi???c linh tinh kh??c c??ng nhi???u : ?????i n???i, ?????i ngo???i, ch??? ?????, ch??nh s??ch, h???p h??nh, tr??? c???p, gi??, tr?????? Anh T?? Ho??i c??ng l??m vi???c v???i t??i r???t ??n ??. ???? l??m, anh l??m ?????n n??i ?????n ch???n, v?? g???n, nhanh. Nguy???n Kh???i ????m n??o c??ng c??ng t??i ch???m ?????u b??n b???c, tr??n c??n ph??ng c???a anh ??? 4 L?? Nam ?????. Anh em t??m ?????u ?? h???p.
C??ng vi???c tr?????c m???t l?? chu???n b??? ?????i h???i nh?? v??n l???n th??? III. ?????i h???i II h???p n??m 1962, l??c ???y t??i ???? v??o Nam. G???n 15 n??m r???i c??n g??. V?? ri??ng t??i, t??i ngh?? ???? ?????n l??c c?? chuy???n ????? m?? h???p.
????? chu???n b??? cho m???t ?????i h???i c?? ch???t l?????ng, th???t s??? c?? chuy???n m?? n??i, ch??ng t??i ch??? tr????ng tri???u t???p h???i ngh??? ?????ng vi??n, th??? c??ng nhau b??n b???c tr?????c m???t s??? v???n ????? d??? ki???n s??? ????a ra ?????i h???i. T??i ???????c ph??n c??ng vi???t m???t t??i li???u g???i l?? ??? ????? d???n ???, c?? t??nh c??ch g???i ?? cho cu???c th???o lu???n s???p t???i ??? h???i ngh???. Anh T?? Ho??i lo c??ng vi???c h???ng ng??y ??? H???i. Nguy???n Kh???i lo vi???c t??? ch???c h???i ngh??? (danh s??ch ?????ng vi??n, tri???u t???p v.v???). Anh Nguy???n ????nh Thi n??i r?? : anh s??? g??p ?? ki???n m???i vi???c, nh??ng xin ????? cho anh ???????c d??nh nhi???u th?? gi??? s??ng t??c. Giang Nam l??m t???ng bi??n t???p b??o V??n Ngh???. C??c anh c??n l???i trong ?????ng ??o??n th?? ho???c ??? c?? quan kh??c, ho???c ??? xa, ??t tr???c ti???p tham gia c??ng vi???c H???i.
T?? t?????ng c???a ch??ng t??i, ??t ra c???a ch??nh t??i, l?? kh?? r?? r??ng, nh??ng c??ch th???c l??m vi???c th?? th???t lu???m thu???m v?? v???i v??. Ch??ng t??i h???i h???, l???p ch???p chu???n b??? h???i ngh??? ?????ng vi??n.
Sau n??y nh??? l???i, t??i c?? l???n ngh?? : t???i sao ng??y ???y t??i l???i h???i h??? nh?? v???y. Ch???m l???i, ch???c h??n, suy ngh??, t??nh to??n, vi???t ????? d???n k???, ch???m h??n ??t n???a ???? sao. V???y m?? t??i ???? ng???i vi???t ????? d???n h???i h???, ng??y ????m, b??? ??n, b??? ng???, vi???t ?????n ????u in ron??o ?????n ?????y, b??? m??y v??n ph??ng H???i c??? ch???y t??u t??t l??n.

T???i sao ?
Ra t??i v???n l?? ng?????i s??ng t??c ch??? kh??ng ph???i ng?????i l??nh ?????o. Ng?????i l??nh ?????o s??? t??? t???n h??n, c???n th???n h??n, bi???t k??m m??nh l???i h??n, nh???t l?? khi ??ang toan t??nh m???t vi???c l???n nh?? th??? n??y. Qu??? th???t t??i c?? toan t??nh m???t vi???c l???n : b???t ?????u c?? ?????t ph?? cho s??? thay ?????i v??n h???c m?? t??i m?????ng t?????ng t??? l??u, nay ??ang r?? d???n trong ?????u, trong mong ?????c. T??i b??? s??? th??c ?????y m??nh li???t h???t nh?? ng?????i ngh??? s?? khi c???m h???ng t??ch l??y t??? r???t l??u, r???t l??u, ch???t ??o ?????n, kh??ng c???m b??t, kh??ng ch???p ngay l???y b???ng m??u, kh??ng ng???i ngay v??o b??n??? th?? kh??ng k???p n???a, ch???m m???t, h???ng m???t!
T??i vi???t b???n ????? d???n h???t nh?? s??ng t??c m???t thi??n t??y b??t, say m??, b??? cu???n h??t ngay b???i nh???ng ?? t?????ng v???a hi???n h??nh tr??n trang gi???y, ?? t?????ng n??y g???i ?? t?????ng kia, n???i nhau, cu???n nhau, d???n l??n nhau ??o ??o ch???y ra.
T??i n??i v??n h???c ta t??? sau 75 b???ng ?????t ng???t l??m v??o m???t t??nh tr???ng r???t k??? l??? : n?? b???ng tr??? n??n nh???t nh???o. Ng?????i ?????c, tr?????c ????y t???ng say m?? n?? th???, t???ng coi n?? l?? ?????i s???ng tinh th???n th???m thi???t, th???ng thi???t kh??ng th??? thi???u c???a m??nh, nay b???ng ?????t ng???t quay l??ng l???i v???i n??, th??? ??. H??? kh??ng th??m ?????c ta n???a. H??? ??i ?????c s??ch n?????c ngo??i. H??? b??? ta.
Ch??nh Ch??? Lan Vi??n ng??y ???y, trong m???t cu???c h???p ?????ng ??o??n, c??ng n??i : S??ch b??y gi??? nhi???u, nh??ng t??c ph???m th?? kh??ng c??.
V?? sao ?

C??u h???i ?????u ti??n, b???c b??ch, ????? ?????t v???n ????? m??? ?????u b???n ????? d???n l?? nh?? v???y.
V?? sao ?
T??i c??? g???ng c???t ngh??a :
B??y gi??? ta c?? th?? gi??? h??n, b??nh t??nh, y??n ???n h??n, h???t chi???n tranh r???i, kinh nghi???m c??ng nhi???u h??n, t???ng ng?????i vi???t, t???ng quy???n s??ch vi???t ra r?? r??ng kh?? h??n, v??n ch????ng ch???n chu h??n, ch????ng h???i r??nh m???ch kh??n kh??o h??n, s??ch ??? hay ??? h??n. Nh??ng t???t c??? nh???ng c??i h??n ???? l?? ????? n??i v??? m???t chuy???n ???? c??, ???? qua, ???? xong. Ch??ng ta v???n ti???p t???c, theo qu??n t??nh, tr??? l???i m???t c??u h???i c??: s??? m???t c??n c???a c???ng ?????ng d??n t???c tr?????c hi???m h???a ngo???i x??m.
C??u h???i ???y, n??ng ch??y trong su???t th???i k??? tr?????c, nay l???ch s??? ???? tr??? l???i xong r???i. M?? v??n h???c th?? c??? ti???p t???c, theo qu??n t??nh, l???i nh???i tr??? l???i m???t c??u h???i ???? c?? l???i gi???i r?? r??ng c???a l???ch s???.
Trong khi l???ch s??? ???? sang trang. Cu???c s???ng ???? ?????t ra nh???ng c??u h???i m???i, m???t lo???t c??u h???i m???i.

Ng?????i ta ch??n m??nh, b??? m??nh l?? ph???i. Ng?????i ta ???? ?????ng tr?????c h??ng v???n c??u h???i ch??y l??ng, ng???n ngang, ph???c t???p m???i, m?? s??ch c???a anh, vi???t hay h??n, d??y h??n, in ?????p h??n, c??? l???m c???m v?? duy??n b???t h??? nghe c??u tr??? l???i c???a anh v??? c??i chuy???n h??? ???? v?????t qua r???i. Anh l???c h???u, ????ng ?????i nh?? anh!
V???y v???n ????? s??? m???t c???a v??n h???c hi???n nay, theo t??i, l?? t??m ra nh???ng c??u h???i m???i c???a ?????i s???ng. L?? n??i v??? n??.
Ch??nh ??ng T??? H???u ng??y ???y c??ng n??i : 30 n??m nay ch??ng ta m???i gi???i quy???t m???t v???n ????? : s???ng hay l?? ch???t; b??y gi??? m???i b???t ?????u gi???i quy???t v???n ????? : s???ng nh?? th??? n??o?
Ch??nh s??? thay ?????i c??u h???i c?? b???n ???? quy???t ?????nh b?????c bi???n ?????i c?? b???n h??m nay c???a v??n h???c.
V???y c??u h???i m???i l?? g?? ?
T??i qu??? quy???t: v???n ????? s??? ph???n chung c???a c???ng ?????ng ???? xong. B??y gi??? l?? v???n ????? s??? ph???n ri??ng c???a t???ng con ng?????i, trong c???ng ?????ng. Tr?????c kia ch??a c?? c??u h???i ????, ch??a th??? ?????t ra, n?? ch??m l???p trong c??u h???i l???n chung. B??y gi??? n?? tr???i l??n h??ng ?????u.
T?? t?????ng c?? b???n c???a ????? d???n l?? nh?? v???y. N?? n??u v???n ????? m?? n?? cho l?? l???n nh???t c???a v??n h???c b???y gi??? ???y ra, v?? ????? ngh??? h???i ngh???, r???i ?????i h???i c??ng suy ngh??, c??ng th???o lu???n.
T???t nhi??n, t??i vi???t h???i h???, d??ng d??i, nhi???u khi kh?? r???i r???m, kh??ng ch???t ch???, nh??ng c??i ?? t?????ng ???y l?? r???t r?? r??ng. T??i n??i : c??ng vi???c c???a v??n h???c b??y gi??? l?? tham gia, l?? ??i h??ng ?????u trong c??ng cu???c gi???i ph??ng n??ng l?????ng ti???m t??ng v?? v?? t???n c???a t???ng c?? th??? con ng?????i.
T??i n??i : t???p th??? ph???i l?? s??? t???p h???p t??? do v?? sinh ?????ng c???a t???ng c?? th??? t??? do, v?? long lanh s??ng t???o. Kh??ng th??? l?? t???p th??? v?? danh, v?? ch???, t???p th??? b???y ????n???
Nh???ng ????m t??i ng???i vi???t, Nguy???n Ch?? Trung th?????ng ??i t???i. Anh h???i :
??? ?????n ????u r???i ?
T??i bu??ng b??t. Hai anh em ng???i trao ?????i, b??n lu???n, tranh c??i. Nguy???n Ch?? Trung c??n th???m Campuchia h??n c??? t??i. Nguy???n Ch?? Trung l?? ng?????i r???t l??? : anh l?? nh?? qu??n s??? th???c th???, h???t s???c th???c t???, chi li, t??? m??? ?????n l???nh l??ng trong t??? ch???c m???t chi???n d???ch, m???t tr???n ????nh. Nh??ng c??ng l???i l?? ng?????i n???ng suy ngh?? tr???u t?????ng, th??ch ??i ?????n nh???ng k???t lu???n kh??i qu??t l???n. Nh???ng con ng?????i nh?? th??? th?? th?????ng r???t quy???t li???t trong t?? t?????ng v?? h??nh ?????ng.
Sau n??y nhi???u ng?????i ph?? b??nh t??i, th?????ng b???o: Nguy???n Ch?? Trung l?? ?????ng t??c gi??? c???a b???n ????? d???n. V?? nh?? th??? th?? t??i r???t v?? nguy??n t???c: Trung kh??ng c?? ch??n trong ?????ng ??o??n, ngay trong Ban ch???p h??nh H???i c??ng kh??ng. Th???t t??nh b???o Trung l?? ?????ng t??c gi??? c??ng kh??ng ho??n to??n sai ????u. T??? Campuchia tr??? v???, anh c??n quy???t li???t h??n c??? t??i ?????i v???i c??i ch??ng t??i g???i l?? xu h?????ng ch??? ngh??a t???p th??? b???y ????n. Anh kh??ng tr???c ti???p tham gia b???n ????? d???n, nh??ng anh l??m r?? r???t, m???nh m??? h??n nh???ng ?? t?????ng c???a t??i.
Hai anh em ng???i b??n b???c ?????n khuya. R???i Trung ??i n???m. T??i l???i ng???i c???m c??i vi???t, ?????n s??ng. Trung c??ng kh??ng ng???. Anh ??ang thao th???c m???t kh??i qu??t l???n n??o ???? n???a ????? ng??y mai anh s??? n??i v???i t??i, t??i bi???t.
Nguy???n Kh???i c??ng hay ?????n. Trong th??m t??m, ??? ch??? l???ng ?????ng s??u k??n nh???t c???a anh, Kh???i l?? m???t ngh??? s?? th???c th???. Ch??? c?? ??i???u, trong m???t s??? ho??n c???nh c??ng th???ng, nguy hi???m tr???c ti???p n??o ????, nhi???u khi anh kh??ng ????? s???c ?????ng ????? cho nh???ng lo toan kh??c l???n ??t, che l???p c??i ch???t s??u k??n ???y ??i. H???i b???y gi??? ch??a c?? nguy hi???m tr???c ti???p. Anh t??m ?????c v???i m???i ?? t?????ng c???a t??i, c?? khi c??n gi??p t??i m??i d??a cho nh???ng ?? t?????ng ???y s???c nh???n h??n???
B???n ????? d???n ???????c vi???t r?? r???t nh??ng v???i v??ng ???y, ???????c th??ng qua trong t???p th??? ?????ng ??o??n c??ng qua qu??t v???i v??ng.
Nguy???n ??inh Thi n??i ????i ?? ki???n ph??n v??n d?? d???t.
T?? Ho??i ??? ??o, kh??ng n??i g??, v?? khi l??m c??i ?????ng t??c g???i l?? th??ng qua, anh ??i ra ngo??i c?? vi???c g?? ????, kh??ng c?? m???t.
Giang Nam b???o: m???i, m???i l???m.

Ch??? Lan Vi??n b???t tay t??i:
??? R???t ???????c.
Ngay khi th??ng qua, c?? ??o???n t??i c??n ch??a vi???t xong, ch??? tr??nh b??y nh???ng ?? ch??nh, c??c anh trao ?????i, g??p ?? ki???n, t??i v??? m???i ng???i vi???t ti???p.
H???i ngh??? ???????c tri???u t???p c??ng r???t v???i v??ng, lu???m thu???m, sai s??t lung tung. Nhi???u ?????ng vi??n kh??ng nh???n ???????c gi???y m???i. V??i ng?????i kh??ng ph???i l?? ?????ng vi??n c??ng ?????n.
Kh??ng kh?? r???t vui. C??i ki???u h???p nh?? v??n bao gi??? ch??? th???: anh em ?????n, g???p nhau l?? vui r???i. U???ng bia, b?? kh??, t??n ????? th??? chuy???n.
T??i ?????c b???n ????? d???n. M???i ng?????i ?????u ???ng h???. C??i l???i, ch??? c?? V?? ?????c Ph??c. Anh ???y l?? m???t ng?????i ??? b???o th??? ch??n ch??nh ???, nh???t qu??n, ?????n nay t??i v???n tin th???.
Anh Nguy???n V??n B???ng n??i ri??ng v???i t??i:
??? Kh??ng ph???i ng???u nhi??n m?? ng?????i ta c??? c???u l??m b?? th?? ?????ng ??o??n. Ch??a ho??n ch???nh, nh??ng ???????c. M??? ra m???t c??i g?? m???i.
Anh Xu??n Di???u n??i:
??? T??? th??ch nh???t ch??? n??i ??? tri???t h???c ??? v??? l???ch s??? ph??t tri???n con ng?????i. C?? th??? ch???.
Nguy??n H???ng c?????i ha h???.
Ho??ng Trung Th??ng v???a ??i u???ng r?????u ??? ????u ???? v???, n??i r???t d??i, l?? lu???n nghi??m trang. Ch??ng t??i bi???t anh r???i: c??ng say c??ng l?? lu???n nghi??m trang. Anh n??i v??? nhu c???u ph???i gi???i ph??ng cho s??ng t???o.
Nguy???n ????nh Thi c??ng ph??t bi???u d??i, n??i uy??n b??c ????ng t??y kim c???. V?? t??i kh??ng nh??? r?? d???n d???t nh?? th??? n??o, anh l???i n??i ?????n nh???ng kinh nghi???m ??au ?????n c???a v??n h???c X?? Vi???t: Ess??nine t??? s??t, Maiakovski c??ng t??? s??t???
Trong s??? nh???ng ng?????i h??ng h??i h??n c???, c?? Ch??? Lan Vi??n. Anh ph???n k??ch th??ng minh v?? cay ?????c nh???ng ng?????i b???o th???, ????i c??ch ch???c V?? ?????c Ph??c.
Anh em tr??? c??ng vui h??n. H??? t??? kh??? s??? k??m ch??? s??ng t???o.
Tr?????c h???i ngh??? v??i ng??y, t??i ???? g???i b???n ????? d???n v?? gi???y m???i t???i ??ng T??? H???u. ??ng ?????n v??o ng??y th??? hai c???a h???i ngh???. Ch??? Lan Vi??n ra ????n t???n c???ng.
??ng b?????c v??o, ??i ngang ?????n ch??? Nguy??n H???ng, n???m l???y ch??m r??u Nguy??n H???ng:
??? R??u th???t hay r??u gi????
Nguy??n H???ng ch??? c?????i. Nh??ng kh??ng kh?? ?????t ng???t kh??ng vui. ????m nh?? v??n v???n nh???y : c?? m???t c??i g?? kh??c th?????ng r???i???
Cho t??i ng???ng l???i m???t ch??t ????? n??i v??? Nguy??n H???ng.
V??i n??m sau, anh m???t, r???t ?????t ng???t. H??m tr?????c, ch??ng t??i ??ang h???p g?? ???? tr??n g??c 65 Nguy???n Du, b???ng th???y Nguy??n H???ng ?????y c???a b?????c v??o. V???n nh?? m???i l???n, qu???n ??o b?? ba n??u l??i th??i b???c th???ch, t??c b???m x???m, tr??ng r???t b???n, ch??m r??u mu???i ti??u, m???t ????? gay. ?? Nhi t??? anh trong b??i th?? r???t ????ng : tay ??m c???p b???n th???o (c?? th??? c???a ng?????i kh??c) to ????ng. N??i oang oang :
??? H???p h??? ???? M??nh m???i ??? Qu???ng Ninh ?????n, ch???m gi??p cu???c thi cho ch??ng n?? d?????i ???y, vui l???m. Th??i ch??o. H???p th?? c??? h???p ti???p ??i. Ch??o !

N??i xong quay ra ngay. T??i t?????ng anh sang ph??ng kh??c, th??? n??o c??ng c??n ??? l???i H???i ch??i m???t hai b???a nh?? th?????ng l???, ??i u???ng r?????u v???i ??ng Nguy???n Tu??n, ??ng T?? Ho??i, t???i l???i v??? H???i, c???i tr???n n???m ngay tr??n chi???c b??n d??i ch??? v??n ph??ng H???i, m??? qu???t v?? v??, ng??? ch???ng m??n chi???u g?? c???.
Kh??ng ng???, tr??a h???p xong, t??i xu???ng v??n ph??ng h???i, anh em b???o anh ???? ??i m???t r???i. Anh ??i kh???p c??c ph??ng, sang c??? nh?? xu???t b???n T??c ph???m m???i, c??? b??o V??n Ngh???, t???t qua m???i ch??? m???t ch??t, ch??o t???t, r???i ??i. Sau n??y ngh?? l???i, m???i th???y h??i b???t th?????ng : sao anh l???i ??i ch??o t???t c??? th??? ? Nh???ng l???n tr?????c c?? th??? ????u. Nh??ng l??c ???y ch???ng ai ????? ??. C??ng th?????ng th??i, ch???ng c?? g?? l???.
S??ng h??m sau, ch??ng t??i ??ang h???p Th?????ng v??? Ban ch???p h??nh, b???ng nhi??n ???????c ??i???n. V???n t???t c?? m???y ch???
??? ??ng Nguy??n H???ng m???t. L??n ngay.
K?? t??n : B?? Nguy??n H???ng ???.

T??i v???i l???y xe ??i ngay l??n Nh?? Nam. C??ng v???i Huy Hi???n, con g??i anh Nguy???n Huy T?????ng, b???y gi??? l?? c??n b??? v??n ph??ng H???i. T??i v???n hi v???ng anh ???m n???ng ?????t ng???t, ch??? Nguy??n H???ng ????nh ??i???n th??? ????? ch??ng t??i l??n g???p. N???u v???y s??? d??ng xe n??y ch??? anh v??? b???nh vi???n H?? N???i, mong c??n k???p.
L??n ?????n n??i, h??a ra anh ???? m???t th???t.
Anh n???m ????, tr??n chi???c gi?????ng m???c, gi???a c??n nh?? x?? x??c, thanh th???n, y??n t??nh nh?? m???t ng?????i ng??? say, ch??m r??u l???m ?????m b???c, n?????c da v???n c??n h???ng h??o.
Ch??? Nguy??n H???ng k???: s??ng nay anh ra ng???i ?????p l???i c??i v??ch ?????t nh?? b???p b??? chu???t r??c, ??ang l??m th?? k??u m???t, ch???c l?? b??? tr??ng gi??. Anh b???o ch??? tr???i chi???c chi???u, n???m ngay g???c kh??? tr?????c s??n, ?????nh ngh??? m???t l??t r???i l???i d???y l??m ti???p. Nh??ng c??ng l??c c??ng th???y kh?? th???. Ch??? d??u anh v??o nh??, v???a k???p n???m xu???ng gi?????ng th?? anh ??i lu??n. L??c ???y ch??? c?? m???i ch??? Nguy??n H???ng. Ng?????i ??i ????nh ??i???n cho ch??ng t??i ch??nh l?? b?? c??? h??ng x??m sau nh?? anh.
T??i ra b??u ??i???n Nh?? Nam ????nh ??i???n g???p v??? H?? N???i, r???i quay l???i b??n v???i gia ????nh vi???c t??? ch???c tang l???.
?????n chi???u t???i, anh em c??c n??i ???? k??o l??n r???t ????ng. H???i li??n hi???p v??n h???c ngh??? thu???t Vi???t Nam, H???i Nh?? v??n, Nh?? xu???t b???n V??n h???c, T??c ph???m m???i, b??o V??n Ngh???, U??? ban t???nh, huy???n, H???i v??n ngh??? H?? B???c??? C??? H???i Ph??ng c??ng l??n.
H???i Nh?? v??n l?? c?? quan ch??? qu???n ch??? tr?? l??? tang. T??i ph???i vi???t ngay b???n ??i???u v??n. Nh??ng ??? Nh?? Nam l??c n??o c??ng ????ng ????c, ???n ??o, b???n r???n qu??, e ng???i vi???t kh??ng y??n. T??i l???y xe, ??i th???ng v??? B???c Giang, m?????n m???t ph??ng v???ng ??? c?? quan H???i v??n ngh??? t???nh, ng???i vi???t su???t ????m. Ch???ng c?? t?? li???u g?? trong tay, t??i vi???t theo tr?? nh??? v?? l??ng y??u m???n c???a t??i ?????i v???i anh.
B???y gi??? H?? B???c ???? in t???p I ti???u thuy???t N??i r???ng Y??n Th??? c???a Nguy??n H???ng. B???n th???o t???p II ??ang d??? dang. T??i vi???t r???ng anh kh??ng ph???i ng?????i qu?? g???c Nh?? Nam ??? Y??n Th???. Anh v???n ng?????i H???i Ph??ng. V???y m?? h??ng ch???c n??m nay, anh b??? H?? N???i, c??ng kh??ng v??? H???i Ph??ng, mang c??? gia ????nh v??? con l??n ?????nh c?? ??? Nh?? Nam ??? Y??n Th??? l?? ????? quy???t c???m s??u v??o m???nh ?????t l???ch s??? Ho??ng Hoa Th??m n??y m?? vi???t quy???n ti???u thuy???t l???n c???a ?????i anh. M???t nh?? v??n quy???t s???ng v?? l??m vi???c nh?? th???, ?????p bi???t bao !???

M??? s??ng, vi???t xong, l???i h???c t???c ch???y l??n Nh?? Nam. V???a k???p ?????c ??i???u v??n trong l??? tang.
L??? tang anh Nguy??n H???ng l?? l??? tang nh?? qu??, c?? c??? ph?????n ??i tr?????c, c?? ph?????ng b??t ??m ?? ?? e, ??o quan ?????t tr??n chi??c xe tang th?? s?? b???n b??nh xe ?????p, ng?????i k??o ng?????i ?????y, c??? l??ng x??m v?? b???n b?? r???ng r???n k??o qua c??nh ?????ng T??n Y??n, ra an t??ng t???i ngh??a trang chung c???a x?????
M???t tu???n sau, t???i H?? N???i c??ng t??? ch???c l??? t?????ng ni???m. T??i ?????c l???i b??i ??i???u v??n h??m n???. Kh??ng kh?? th????ng ti???c b??i ng??i.
L??c ra v???, T?? Ho??i k??o t??i c??ng ??i, b???o:
??? ??i???u v??n c???u vi???t ???????c, nh??ng c?? m???t ??i???m sai to??t. C???u b???o th???ng cha Nguy??n H???ng b??? v??? c???m s??u ?????t Y??n Th??? l?? ????? vi???t Ho??ng Hoa Th??m. Nghe c???m ?????ng ?????y, nh??ng ?????ch ph???i. Nguy??n do th??? n??y kia???
Th?? ra ??? chuy???n n??y, ch???c ch???n T?? Ho??i bi???t r?? h??n t??i nhi???u ??? sau v??? ?????u tranh Nh??n V??n Giai Ph???m, c??? H???i Nh?? v??n, nh???t l?? b??o V??n (t???c l?? V??n Ngh??? b??y gi???) l???i b??? ki???m ??i???m m???t tr???n ra tr??, t??? tr??n xu???ng d?????i, ch???ng thi???u m???t anh n??o, g???i l?? v??? ??? H???u Nh??n V??n ???. Anh n??o c??ng ??t nhi???u b??? d??nh.
??? C???u c?? bi???t th???ng n??o nh???n khuy???t ??i???m nhanh nh???t, th??nh kh???n, s??u s???c nh???t kh??ng ? ????? ?????y !
T??i ch???u.
T?? Ho??i c?????i :
-Nguy???n Xu??n Sanh!

T??i ph???c T?? Ho??i. ????ng qu??! T???t c??? c??c v??? kh??c c??? qu???y ????i ch??t, r???i c??ng nh???n h???t, t???t nhi??n nhi???u v??? nh???n qua qu??t cho xong. Nh???n r???i, ph???i ??i th???c t???, c???i t???o t?? t?????ng. ?????n nh?? Nguy???n Tu??n, Nguy???n Huy T?????ng, V??n Cao??? c??ng ph???i k??o l??n l??m l???i t?? t?????ng m??i t???n n??ng tr?????ng M???c Ch??u. Ch??nh nh??? c??i ?????n ???y m?? v??? sau Nguy???n Tu??n vi???t ???????c S??ng ????, Nguy???n Huy T?????ng th?? c?? M?????i n??m???
Ri??ng m???i m??nh Nguy??n H???ng, anh d???t kho??t tuy??n b??? :
??? T??? ?????ch c?? sai l???m khuy???t ??i???m g?? h???t ! Kh??ng nh???n g?? h???t !
V?? anh v???t t???t c???, quy???t t??? nay kh??ng d??nh d???p b???t c??? nhi???m v??? ch???c t?????c g?? v???i c??i ??? H???i nh?? v??n c???a c??c ??ng ??? n???a. Anh v???t s???ch m???i th??? ??? H?? N???i, c??? tem phi???u bao c???p l?? th??? sinh t??? ng??y ???y, v??? H???i Ph??ng c??ng ch??? th??m, k??o to??n b??? v??? con gia ????nh ??ang nheo nh??c l??n r???ng Nh?? Nam ??? Y??n Th??? m?? ???,??? cho ?????n ch???t.

??? Nh?? Nam, x?? T??n Y??n, c?? m???t ng???n ?????i, nguy??n x??a l?? ?????i hoang, to??n sim d???i, lau s???y, g???i l?? ?????i Ch??y hay C???u ??en. H???i ch???ng Ph??p, m???t b??? ph???n V??n ngh??? Trung ????ng ???????c ????a v??? ????ng ??? ?????y. Ph??t hoang, l??m nh??, sinh s???ng v?? vi???t. C?? c??? Ng?? T???t T???, h???a s?? T??? Th??c B??nh, Kim L??n, Nguy??n H???ng??? Ch??nh h??? l?? nh???ng v??? ti??n hi???n ?????u ti??n l???p ra c??i ???p n??y, sau d??n m???i d???n d???n k??o l??n ??? ng??y c??ng ????ng, th??nh l??ng, g???i l?? ???p C???u ??en hay ???p ?????i Ch??y. C??? T??? m???t ??? ?????y, th???i b???t ?????u c???i c??ch ru???ng ?????t.
H??a b??nh, c??c gia ????nh v??n ngh??? s?? l???n l?????t tr??? v??? H?? N???i.
Nguy??n H???ng, sau Nh??n v??n Giai ph???m tuy??n b??? ??? T??? ?????ch sai l???m khuy???t ??i???m g?? h???t ! ??? v?? anh quy???t tr??? l???i c??i ???p kh??ng chi???n ng??y x??a c???a anh. Xa x??i, hoang v???ng, s???ng v???i d??n qu??, ho??n to??n tr??? th??nh m???t d??n qu?? th???c th???, xa l??nh h???t m???i cu???c ?????u tranh linh tinh, v?? ngh??a trong c??i g???i l?? l??ng v??n. N???i anh v???i th??? gi???i b??n ngo??i ch??? c??n c??i xe ?????p c???c c???ch, c???c c???ch ?????p t??? Nh?? Nam v??? H?? N???i, c???c c???ch ?????p t??? H???i Ph??ng ra Qu???ng Ninh. Anh ??i gi??p anh em tr??? vi???t, b??y v???, ?????c c???a anh em m???i t???p t?? v??o ngh???, ch???m b??i??? v?? u???ng r?????u v???i anh em.

????m t??i ng???i vi???t ??i???u v??n trong v??n ph??ng m?????n t???m c???a H???i v??n ngh??? H?? B???c, th???y c?? m???t c??i xe ?????p r???t t??ng d???ng b??n t?????ng : chi???c xe n???i ti???ng c???a Nguy??n H???ng. Chuy???n ???y anh g???i xe ?????p t???i H???i H?? B???c, ??i xe ???? v??? Nh?? Nam. Ch???c anh ???? c???m th???y trong ng?????i c?? g?? h??i kh??c th?????ng???
Nguy??n H???ng l?? v???y.

???nh: b???n ch??p tay h???i k?? N.N (nh?? gi??o Nguy???n Ng???c Giao c???a m???ng ???? b??? c??ng ????nh m??y cho ch??ng ta - xin c???m ??n anh!)
(C??n n???a)

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