Cao S??n ??? H??? Long

Cao S??n ??? Anh h??ng gi???a thanh thi??n B??t k?? c???a ????? Ho??ng H??? Long, C???m Ph??? m???i ng??y m???t thay ?????i tr??ng th???y. Ph??? x?? s???m u???t n??? ra nh?? hoa m??a xu??n. C??? m???i l???n v??? Qu???ng Ninh, t??i th???y s??? kh???i s???c ?????n l??? l??ng. C???u B??i Ch??y ???????ng b??? c??ng tr??nh li??n k???t Vi???t ??? Nh???t uy nghi gi???a thanh thi??n nh?? m???t bi???u t?????ng c???a H??? Long tr??? trung ??ang v????n xa. ???????ng ph??? r???ng r??i ??an xen v???i nhi???u l??n ???????ng. ??? ????y c??ng ??? ng???a xe nh?? n?????c, ??o qu???n nh?? n??m??? kh??ng kh??c Th??? ???? l?? m???y. Ngay ng?????i b???n ?????a c??ng ng??? ng??ng tr?????c s??? ?????i thay nhanh ch??ng c???a qu?? h????ng m??nh.
Cao S??n ??? H??? Long
      Cao S??n ??? Anh h??ng gi???a thanh thi??n

                         B??t k?? c???a ????? Ho??ng

          H??? Long, C???m Ph??? m???i ng??y m???t thay ?????i tr??ng th???y. Ph??? x?? s???m u???t n??? ra nh?? hoa m??a xu??n. C??? m???i l???n v??? Qu???ng Ninh, t??i th???y s??? kh???i s???c ?????n l??? l??ng. C???u B??i Ch??y ???????ng b??? c??ng tr??nh li??n k???t Vi???t ??? Nh???t uy nghi gi???a thanh thi??n nh?? m???t bi???u t?????ng c???a H??? Long tr??? trung ??ang v????n xa. ???????ng ph??? r???ng r??i ??an xen v???i nhi???u l??n ???????ng. ??? ????y c??ng ??? ng???a xe nh?? n?????c, ??o qu???n nh?? n??m??? kh??ng kh??c Th??? ???? l?? m???y. Ngay ng?????i b???n ?????a c??ng ng??? ng??ng tr?????c s??? ?????i thay nhanh ch??ng c???a qu?? h????ng m??nh.
      C??n nh??? ?????u th???p k??? 90 khi t??i v??? Qu???ng Ninh, th??? x?? H??n Gai, C???m Ph??? v???n c??n ch??m ng???p trong b???i b???m. Xe g??ng ch??? than ch???y ?????n b???n ph?? B??i Ch??y. B???i ???????ng, b???i than ph???m ph???p tu??n ra ?????y ?????y n??i, ?????y bi???n.  C??? ph??? th??? ch??m trong m???t m??u ??en m?? ?????t, m?? tr???i. Kh??ng ch??? ngo??i ???????ng m?? ngay trong nh?? ???, ph??ng l??m vi???c c???a c??n b???, c??ng nh??n c??c m??? than c??ng ng???p tr??n v?? b???i than.
      Nh??ng b??y gi??? th?? kh??c xa m???t tr???i m???t v???c. H??? Long, C???m Ph??? ???? l?? m???t th??nh ph???, ???? th??? khang trang s???ch s???  gi???a c???nh s???c tr???i bi???n trong xanh ?????n thanh khi???t c???a v???nh H??? Long, B??i T??? Long, k??? quan thi??n nhi??n v??o lo???i b???c nh???t tr??n ho??n c???u. M??i tr?????ng th???t l?? xanh - s???ch - ?????p ????ng ngh??a c???a n??! ???? l?? k??? t??ch c???a c??n b???, nh??n d??n H??? Long, C???m Ph???, c??c m??? than trong vi???c gi??? g??n m??i sinh. T??i kh??ng d???u n???i s??? ph???n ch???n khi ng???m nh??n H??? Long, C???m Ph??? th??nh ph??? ?????p ?????c ????o c???a ?????t n?????c, n??i ph??n d???u c???a T??? qu???c qua bao ngh??n n??m! T??i b???t ch???t nh??? ????n c??u th?? dung d??? m?? trang nh?? c???a nh?? th?? Xu??n Di???u khi vi???t v??? k??? quan H??? Long:
?????? ????y c??i ?????p lu??n th?????ng tr???c
M??? c???a ra l?? th???y H??? Long???
    H??? Long, B??i T??? Long ?????p ?????n xi??u l??ng!
 Ch??a ??? ????u nh?? ??? Qu???ng Ninh, ra ???????ng l?? g???p ng?????i l??m than. Ca s??? n???i ti???ng ?????t n?????c xu???t th??n t??? than, v??n s??? n???i ti???ng c??? n?????c c??ng xu???t than, c??n b??? l??nh ?????o cao c???p c??ng xu???t th??n t??? than. T??? than ???? ????o luy???n ra bao nh??n t??i cho qu?? h????ng, ?????t n?????c  D??n s??? Qu???ng Ninh c?? tr??n 1 tri???u ng?????i th?? c??ng nh??n tr???c ti???p l??m trong ng??nh khai th??c than ????  l??n g???n 100 000 ng?????i!.
  Ng??nh than ra ?????i t??? l??c n??o?  Th??? h??? t??i v?? c??c th??? h??? tr?????c c??ng ch??? mang m??ng ch???c l?? ng??nh than ra ?????i t??? khi Ph??p x??m l?????c n?????c ta. ???Cha ch???y ra H??n Gai cu???c m???/ Anh b??? v??o ?????t ????? l??m phu??? ( T??? H???u ). Ai c??ng t?????ng l?? khai th??c than c?? t??? ????. Nh??ng kh??ng ph???i, nh??n ?????c b??o m???ng t??i m???i bi???t l?? ng??y ng??nh than ra ?????i c?? t??? th???i vua Minh M???ng.
  Ng??y 29 ??? 12 ??? 1840 vua Minh M???ng k?? d??? cho khai th??c than ???? t???i n??i Y??n L??ng, nay thu???c th??n Y??n L??ng, x?? Y??n Th???, huy???n ????ng Tri???u, t???nh Qu???ng Ninh. V???a qua ( n??m 2007 )  t???i th??nh ph??? Hu???, t???nh Th???a Thi??n ??? Hu???, b???c d??? n??y ???? ???????c long tr???ng trao cho T???p ??o??n C??ng nghi???p Than v?? Kho??ng s???n Vi???t Nam. N???i dung b???c d??? cho ph??p th??nh l???p C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c than ????. L???c l?????ng khai th??c l?? n??ng d??n, m???c ????ch khai th??c l?? d??? ch???ng ????i cho n??ng d??n. T??? ???? T???p ??o??n C??ng nghi???p Than v?? Kho??ng s???n Vi???t Nam coi ng??y 29 ??? 12 ??? 1840 l?? ngay ?????u ti??n ra ?????i c???a ng??nh khai th??c than Vi???t Nam v?? vua Minh M???ng l?? ?????ng t?????? c???a ng??nh khai th??c than Vi???t Nam. C??ng t??? ????y, nh???ng ng?????i n??ng d??n c???a C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c tan Y??n L??ng tr??? th??nh nh???ng ng?????i c??ng nh??n ?????u ti??n c???a ng??nh kh??i th??c than Vi???t Nam. T??nh ?????n n??m 2007 l???ch s??? khai than Vi???t Nam c?? chi???u d??i l???ch s??? 167 n??m. ?????n h??m nay, n??m 2008 ???? c?? chi???u d??i l???ch s??? 168 n??m!
  168 n??m qua, h??ng v???n lao ?????ng t??? m???i mi???n ?????t n?????c t???i Qu???ng Ninh v?? tr??? th??nh c??ng nh??n m???. Trong h??nh trang c???a h??? c?? tinh hoa v??n h??a c???a c?? v??ng mi???n, c???a c??c d??n t???c Vi???t Nam, t??? Nam B???, Trung B???, ?????ng b???ng S??ng H???ng, T??y Nguy??n, T??y B???c v?? ????ng B???c??? ????? t???o n??n v??n h??a c??ng nh??n m???. Qua c??c th??? h???, v??n h??a c??ng nh??n m??? h??nh th??nh v?? ph??t tri???n, c?? s???c s???ng m??nh li???t. V?? v???y trong h??nh trang c???a c??ng nh??n m??? ( bao g???m c??ng nh??n khai th??c l?? l???c l?????ng ch??? y???u v?? c??ng nh??n nh???ng ng??nh ngh??? kh??c ??? v??ng m???) ???? mang tinh hoa v??n h??a ?????n Qu???ng Ninh l??m cho v??n h??a c??ng nh??n m??? ng??y c??ng phong ph?? trong qu?? tr??nh ti???p bi???n.

       L???n n??y xu???ng Qu???ng Ninh, t??i vi???t v??? m??? Cao S??n ??? ????n v??? anh h??ng ng??nh than th???i k??? ?????i m???i. Kh??ng l??m ??? ng??nh than, kh??ng l?? th??? m???, kh??ng s???ng ??? Qu???ng Ninh m?? vi???t v??? m???t ????n v??? s???n xu???t than c?? b??? d??y l???ch s??? v???i nhi???u th??nh t??ch n???i b???t, t??i th???c lo l???ng, th???m ngh??: ??? Kh??ng kh??o th?? m??nh l?? ng?????i c?????i ng???a xem hoa???,  m???c ?????u n??m 1993 khi Qu???ng Ninh b??ng ph??t than th??? ph??? t??i ???? vi???t b??i Qu???ng Ninh  ???Than v?? Than!??? ????? n??i v??? s??? khai th??c than m???t c??ch h???n lo???n l??m ch???y v??ng ??en c???a T??? Qu???c g??y n???i hoang mang trong d??n ch??ng v?? c??n b??? l??nh ?????o.
     Cao S??n thu???c lo???i t??n m???, l?? m??? m???i ??? Qu???ng Ninh, ???????c Li??n X?? ( c?? )  gi??p ????? x??y d???ng v?? h?????ng d???n k??? thu???t khai th??c n??m 1974, ?????n n??m 1980 m???i ra t???n than ?????u ti??n, l?? m??? l??? thi??n l???n nh???t c???a C???m Ph???.
    Nh?? th?? Mai Ph????ng ?????n ??o??n ch??ng t??i l??m vi???c v???i Cao S??n b???o: - H??y ra th??m c??c c??ng tr??nh ph??c l???i tr?????c, sau ???? s??? l??m vi???c v???i ban l??nh ?????o, th???y h??nh th???c l?? bi???t n???i dung ngay m??!
    Mai Ph????ng ng?????i Ph?? Y??n ???? s???ng v?? l??m vi???c ??? ?????t m??? ng??t 50 n??m, ??i???u g?? m?? anh ch???ng bi???t. Gi??m ?????c m???, th???m ch?? l?? c??n b??? cao c???p ng??nh than v?? Nh?? n?????c, th????? anh v??? c?? khi ch??? m???i l?? c??ng nh??n. Anh hi???u m??? nh?? hi???u v??? con nh?? anh, c???n chi m???t nh?? v??n ngo???i ?????o nh?? t??i th??m v??o. Nh??ng anh b???o: - M???i ng?????i c?? c??ch nh??n c???a minh, t??i mu???n c?? nh???ng nh?? v??n, nh?? b??o vi???t v??? Cao S??n kh??c t??i, d?? c?? nh?? t??i v?? kh??ng ???????c nh?? t??i nh??ng c??ng l?? m???t c??ch ph???n ??nh ????? bi???t Cao S??n, kh??ng ch??? Cao S??n m?? c??c m??? Vi???t Nam ng?????i ta ???? l??m ???????c nh?? th???!
  T??i bi???t Vi???t Nam c??n bao kh?? kh??n, gian kh??? th???m ch?? c??? t???t h???u nh??ng v???n ??t ????ng c???a m??? n??o, trong khi ???? Trung Qu???c r???ng l???n nh?? th???, hi???n ?????i m??? nh?? th???, c?? t??u "con thoi" ch??? ng?????i v??o v?? tr??? m?? c??ng ph???i ????ng c???a g???n 12 000 m??? than, th??? m??? ch???t nh?? r???, ?? nhi???m m??i tr?????ng ?????n m???c th??? gi???i ph???i b??o ?????ng!
  Ch??ng t??i b??ch b??? th??m Cao S??n L??u Th???y, m???t c??ng tr??nh v??n h??a t??m linh c?? m???t kh??ng hai ??? ?????t Qu???ng Ninh n??y. N??i ????y ng??y tr?????c l?? n??i t??? h???i c???a nhi???u th??nh ph???n b???t h???o, l?? t??? n???n x?? h???i m?? C???m Ph??? v?? Qu???ng Ninh c??ng kh??ng th??? n??o d???p n???i.
 M??? Cao S??n ???? tr??ch qu??? ph??c l???i v???i ph????ng ch??m: nh??n d??n c??ng ty c??ng l??m, x??y d???ng m???t c??ng vi??n v??n h??a d?????i ch??n ?????o bi???n S??n V??n.
  S??n V??n tr?????c l?? h??n ?????o n???m xa ?????t li???n. Sau nhi???u th??ng n??m l???n bi???n, ????? ?????t x??y d???ng, S??n V??n ???? th??nh b???c b??nh phong cho tr??? s??? m??? Cao s??n, ch??? v???n nh?? ???????c an c??, l???c nghi???p ??? ????y.
 C??ng vi??n Cao S??n L??u Th???y n???m d?????i ch??n n??i S??n V??n l?? n??i h???i t??? c??c ki???u ki???n tr??c c??? kim, c?? Ch??a  M???t C???t m?? ph???ng ch??a M???t c???t ??? H?? N???i, c?? nh?? t?????ng ni???m B??c H???, c?? "c??? th???, c?? s??n b??? " cho c??n b???, c??ng nh??n v?? d??n ch??ng ngh??? ng??i, th?? gi???n. X??y d???ng ???????c S??n V??n nh?? h??m nay l?? ph???i ?????u t?? ti???n t???! Ti???n ???y do Cao S??n lo, kh??ng ph???i xin ti???n ng??n s??ch. B??y gi??? ai l??m vi???c g?? ??ch n?????c l???i d??n m?? kh??ng l???y ti???n ng??n s??ch ?????u ????ng ???????c phong t???ng anh h??ng!
  C??c v??? l??nh ?????o m??? Cao S??n, Ch??? t???ch H???i ?????ng qu???n tr??? L?? ????nh Tr?????ng, gi??m ?????c Nguy???n Xu??n L???p, Ch??nh v??n ph??ng Nguy???n Tr???ng B??nh, Ph?? v??n ph??ng ph??? tr??ch thi ??ua Nguy???n Kh??nh Ho??n sau khi  ti???p x??c x?? giao l?? m???i ch??ng t??i c??? ra khai tr?????ng, c??? ??i th??m n??i ??n ch???n ??? c???a c??n b???, c??ng nh??n, c??? nghe h??? n??i v??? m???, v??? c??n b??? l??nh ?????o, kh??ng c???n xem b??o c??o th??nh t??ch, kh??ng c???n l??nh ?????o t??? n??i v??? m??nh. H??? n??i th??? n??o c??c nh?? b??o, nh?? v??n c??? th??? ghi l???i. M??? ch??? c???n v???y. C??n th???i bu???i n??y bia, r?????u, nh???u nh???t ?????n m???t ng?????i d??n b??nh th?????ng c??ng lo ????? cho quan kh??ch, hu???ng g?? ????n v??? c?? l???i nhu???n g???n 50 t??? Vi???t Nam ?????ng m???t n??m!
  N??i th??? th??i, ch??? t??i l?? ng?????i ???? t???ng vi???t c??c ????n v??? l??m kinh t??? tr?????c ????y 10 n??m, t??i ph???i t??m hi???u Cao S??n n??i ri??ng v?? c??c doanh nghi???p n??i chung l??m nh?? th??? n??o ????? kinh doanh c?? hi???u qu???, ????? ??n n??n l??m ra nh?? thu???t ng??? th??ng d???ng b??y gi???. Bi???t bao nhi??u doanh nghi???p to ????ng, to ??o??ng v?? c?? 20 doang nghi???p ???????c Nh?? n?????c bao c???p t???n r??ng nh?? C??ng ty bia S??i G??n ch???ng h???n v???n thua l???, v???n kh??ng tr??? ???????c n??? vay ng??n h??ng, v?? ?????n b??n b??? ph?? s???n, n???u nh?? kh??ng c?? m???t  B???ch Th??i B?????i t??i th???!
   M??? Cao S??n c?? 34 n??m x??y d???ng v?? tr?????ng th??nh, ?????ng n??i th???i tr?????c, ngay t??? ?????u th???p k??? 90, Cao S??n c??ng nh?? m??? than kh??c ??? Qu???ng Ninh lao ??ao v???t v???. ?????n nh?? C??ng ty than H??n Gai, anh c??? c??c m??? than m?? v???n xi??u ????nh ????? qu??n, hu???ng g?? Cao S??n sinh sau, ????? mu???n. T??i nh??? ?????u th???p k??? 90 khi l??m vi???c v???i anh Tr????ng C??ng ??i???u, gi??m ?????c C??ng ty than H??n Gai, anh ???? than th???: - S???n l?????ng than H??n Gai khai th??c m???y n??m la??? ????y, b??nh qu??n 1,2 tri???u t???n/ n??m. V???i ch???ng ???y t???n, c??ng ty ch??? c???n 700 lao ?????ng l?? ?????, nh??ng hi???n nay c??ng ty c?? ?????n 1,3 v???n c??ng nh??n. Ph???i c??u mang nhau m?? s???ng, bi???t l??m th??? n??o! T??? khi x??a b??? bao c???p, c??c trang thi???t b??? k??? thu???t khai th??c than tr?????c ????y ph???i b??? kho. C??ng ty c?? ?????i qu??n ?????n 600 ng?????i l??m c??ng t??c th??? kho t??? 3 ?????n 4 n??m. Chi ph?? b???o d?????ng v?? tr??? l????ng cho 600 c??ng nh??n trong th???i gian qua ???? l??n ?????n 4- 5 t??? ?????ng!
  Ph???i c???u l???y m??nh, tr?????c khi tr???i c???u. Cao S??n c??ng v???y. Trong 34 n??m x??y d???ng v?? tr?????ng th??nh, Cao S??n ???? v?????t qua mu??n v??n kh?? kh??n, th??? th??ch, m???i th??? ?????u m???i v?? thi???u th???n. Nh??ng c??ng t??? nh???ng kh?? kh??n t?????ng nh?? kh??ng v?????t qua n???i th?? ?????i ??a s??? nh???ng ng?????i th??? m??? v???i tinh th???n ti???n c??ng c??ch m???ng, lao ?????ng s??ng t???o ???? kh??ng ch??n b?????c, suy ngh?? t??m ra nhi???u c??i hay, nhi???u gi???i ph??p k??? thu???t c?? hi???u qu??? kinh t??? ph?? h???p v???i ??i???u ki???n c???a m???t m??? m???i th??nh l???p.
  Sau h??n 5 n??m x??y d???ng, ????ng v??o ng??y 19 ??? 5 ??? 1980, k??? ni???m ng??y sinh B??c H??? l???n th??? 90, m??? Cao S??n ???? s???n xu???t ra t???n than ?????u ti??n. Ni???m vui nh?? ???????c nh??n l??n khi Ch??? t???ch n?????c g???i th?? khen ng???i.
  Tuy l?? m??? l??? thi??n, ??i???u n??y ch??nh b???n th??n t??i c??ng ng??? m??? l??? thi??n l?? khai th??c d??? d??ng h??n m??? h???m l??; nh??ng kh??ng ph???i, ????? ????? c?? ???????c 1 t???n than ph???i chi ph?? b??c ??i 10 m3 ?????t ????. M?? ?????t ???? Cao S??n thu???c lo???i f11, r???n nh???t trong khu v???c. Ri??ng chi ph?? khoan n??? m??m ???? chi???m 24 ??? 25 % chi ph?? s???n xu???t c???a m???. R???i c??n cung ????? v???n chuy???n. Cung ????? v???n chuy???n c???a Cao S??n r???t xa. Chuy???n 1 t???n than t??? t???ng ?????n c???ng ph???i ??i qua qu???ng ???????ng d??i t??? 15 ?????n 20 km.
  V???n ????? l?? l??m sao ????? s???n xu???t kinh doanh c?? hi???u qu???, ????? n???p ng??n s??ch Nh?? n?????c ?????y ?????, c??c ngh??a v??? kh??c v?? ????? ch??m lo t???t cho ?????i s???ng v???t ch???t, tinh th???n c???a c??n b???, c??ng nh??n, ???? l?? c??u h???i l???n lu??n lu??n ?????t ra cho l??nh ?????o C??ng ty v?? nh???ng ng?????i th??? m??? Cao S??n!
  D?????i s??? l??nh ?????o c???a ?????ng ???y C??ng ty, s??? ph???i h???p c???a c??c t??? ch???c nh?? C??ng ??o??n, ??o??n Thanh ni??n, v???i tinh th???n ??o??n k???t, ?????ng t??m lao ?????ng s??ng t???o c???a nh???ng ng?????i th??? m???, c??ng t??c ??i???u h??nh s???n xu???t kinh doanh c???a C??ng ty ???? v?????t qua nh???ng giai ??o???n ?????y kh?? kh??n v?? th??? th??ch, kh??i d???y v?? ph??t huy nh???ng truy???n th???ng t???t ?????p, nh???ng g????ng s??ng trong phong tr??o thi ??ua lao ?????ng s???n xu???t ???????c ?????ng vi??n k???p th???i v?? kh??ch l??? ng?????i lao ?????ng  ph???n kh???i ????ng g??p kh??? n??ng tr?? tu??? c???a m??nh trong s???n xu???t. ?????ng tin c??ng nh??n, c??ng nh??n tin v??o s??? l??nh ?????o c???a ?????ng, y??u xe, y??u m??y m??y, y??u m??? nh?? ch??nh gia ????nh c???a m??nh. C?? th??? n??i tinh th???n l??m ch??? thi???t b???, l??m ch??? C??ng ty, l??m ch??? cu???c s???ng tr??n qu?? h????ng v??ng m??? ng??y c??ng ???????c ????m ch???i n???y l???c v?? ph??t tri???n
 Th??? m??? lao ?????ng say s??a ????? t??ng thu nh???p cho m??nh, ????? cho s??? ph??t tri???n c???a C??ng ty, cho ?????t m??? ng??y m???t ?????i thay, gi??u ?????p, v??n minh.
  Trong 34 n??m ???y, m??? Cao S??n ???? l??m n??n bao k??? t??ch, ???? khai th??c tr??n 30 tri???u t???n than v?? b???c d???, v???n chuy???n g???n 150 tri???u m3 ?????t ????. L???i nhu???n h??ng n??m ?????u ???????c t??ng l??n. N??m 2004 l?? 27 t??? ?????ng th?? n??m 2007 l?? 31 t??? ?????ng. L????ng thu nh???p b??nh qu??n n??m n??m 2004 l?? 2 5000 000 ?????ng n??m 2007 l?? 4 100 000 ?????ng.
  Cao S??n b??y gi??? ???? l?? c??ng ty c??? ph???n ho???t ????ng trong c?? ch??? kinh t??? th??? tr?????ng. Ch??ng ta c?? h??ng ngh??n doanh nghi???p ??n n??n l??m ra, Cao S??n c??ng nh?? th???. Nh??ng Cao S??n t???n t???i v?? ??n n??n l??m ra ??? ch??? n??o?
  Trong l??c chuy???n tr??, trao ?????i v???i Ban l??nh ?????o C??ng ty Cao S??n, t??i h???i: -  Ri??ng v??? ng??nh than th?? ???? c?? h??ng tr??m m??? ?????u nh?? nhau. Cao S??n c?? g?? kh??c ????o Nai, N??i B??o, M??ng D????ng th???m ch?? l?? H?? L???m...
  Ch??? t???ch H???i ?????ng Qu???n tr???, nguy??n l?? gi??m ?????c C??ng ty L?? ????nh Tr?????ng tr???m ng??m m???t l??c r???i tr??? l???i r???t r??nh m???ch:
   - Cao S??n c?? 4 ??i???m nh???n nh?? th??? n??y: 1 ??? Li??n t???c ?????i m???i, 2 ??? Khai th??c v?? s??? d???ng m???i ngu???n l???c, 3 - Th???c hi???n ?????u t?? m???i c?? ch???n l???c v?? c?? gi???i h???n, 4 ??? Ch??m lo t???t ??i???u ki???n l??m vi???c v?? c??c m???t ?????i s???ng cho ng?????i lao ?????ng.  C??c c??ng ty than kh??c c??ng tri???n khai nh?? th??? n??y, nh??ng Cao S??n l??m nhanh , manh, k???p th???i v?? li??n t???c ????? gi??nh th???ng l???i.
V??? li??n t???c ?????i m???i th?? ????? th???c hi???n th???ng l???i c??c ch??? ti??u k??? ho???ch c???a T???p ??o??n TKV giao cho, L??nh ?????o C??ng ty Cao S??n ???? ????? ra c??c gi???i ph??p ch??? ?????o c??? th??? v???i m???c ti??u: An to??n ??? Hi???u qu??? - Ph??t tri???n v???ng m???nh. Trong ??i???u ki???n h??? s??? b??c cao, ?????t ???? r???n, thi???t b??? kh??ng t??ng, khai th??c ng??y c??ng xu???ng s??u??? cho n??n ph???i c?? s??? chu???n b??? t???t cho c??c ??i???u ki???n ph???c v??? s???n xu???t nh?? ph????ng h?????ng khai th??c, ngu???n t??i nguy??n, n??ng l???c lao ?????ng, n??ng l???c thi???t b???. B??n c???nh ????, L??nh ?????o C??ng ty li??n t???c ph??t ?????ng c??c phong tr??o thi ??ua th?????ng k??? t??? v??n ph??ng C??ng ty ?????n c??c t??? s???n xu???t. L??nh ?????o C??ng ty kh??ng ng???ng ?????i m???i ph????ng ph??p l??nh ?????o, ch??? ?????o, ?????i m???i c?? ch??? qu???n l?? v?? ch??? huy ??i???u h??nh s???n xu???t ?????t hi???u qu??? cao, t???o ?????ng l???c quan tr???ng th??c ?????y s???n xu???t ph??t tri???n. C??ng ty lu??n quan t??m c??ng t??c an to??n lao ?????ng, b???o h??? lao ?????ng, ph??ng ch???ng ch??y n??? l?? nhi???m v??? quan tr???ng h??ng ?????u
T??ng c?????ng c??c bi???n ph??p khoan n???, c???p ????? ?????t ???? b???n t??i, n??ng c???p c??c tuy???n ???????ng v???n chuy???n, t??? ch???c ?????u t?? s???a ch???a c??c thi???t b??? nhanh ????a v??o s???n xu???t nh???m n??ng cao s??? l?????ng gi??? xe ho???t ?????ng ?????t n??ng su???t cao.
  L??nh ?????o C??ng ty lu??n quan t??m ?????i m???i c?? ch??? qu???n l?? ?????m b???o s???n xu???t kinh doanh c?? hi???u qu???, ti???t ki???m chi ph?? v?? x??c ?????nh ?????y l?? m???c ti??u s???ng c??n c???a c??c doanh nghi???p Nh?? n?????c trong c?? ch??? th??? tr?????ng v???i ph????ng ch??m ch??? ?????o: -Ph??t huy n???i l???c, m??? r???ng quan h??? h???p t??c, lao ?????ng s??ng t???o, x??y d???ng C??ng ty Than Cao S??n ph??t tri???n v???ng m???nh.
  N??m 2007, C??ng ty ???? ho??n th??nh ?????t 100% k??? ho???ch do T???p ??o??n TKV giao cho, doanh thu v?????t 9,8% , l???i nhu???n 31 t??? ?????ng, l????ng b??nh qu??n ?????t 4.3 tri???u ?????ng/ th??ng. C??  bi???t c?? c??ng nh??n v???n h??nh m??y khoan, m??y x??c, ?? t?? thu nh???p tr??n 10 tri???u ?????ng/ th??ng. Cao S??n khai th??c t???n than th??? 3 tri???u v??o ng??y 22- 12 , ng??y cu???i n??m 2007.
   V??? khai th??c, ph??t huy m???i ngu???n l???c, C??ng ty lu??n ch?? tr???ng khai th??c, s??? d???ng v?? ph??t huy s???c m???nh m???i ngu???n l???c n???i b???, nh???t l?? ngu???n lao ?????ng v?? thi???t b??? hi???n c??. C??ng ty ???? t???p trung ????o t???o, hu???n luy???n b???i d?????ng n??ng cao tr??nh ????? v??? m???i m???t cho c??n b???, c??ng nh??n. Ch??? t??nh n??m 2002 ??? 2005, C??ng ty ???? m??? c??c l???p b??? t??c v??n h??a cho 200 c??ng nh??n, t??? ch???c c??c ?????t thi th??? gi???i n??ng b???c cho g???n 800 c??ng nh??n , c??? g??n 150 ng?????i ??i h???c c??c tr?????ng c??ng nh??n k??? thu???t, cao ?????ng, ?????i h???c. C??ng v???i vi???c ch??m lo n??ng tay ngh??? cho ng?????i lao ?????ng ????? ph??t huy t??i n??ng , c???ng hi???n c??ng s???c v?? tr?? tu??? x??y d???ng C??ng ty ph??t tri???n, Cao S??n c??ng ?????c bi???t quan t??m t???i kh??u b???o d?????ng, s???a ch???a, ph???c h???i c??c m??y m??c thi???t b??? ????? d???m b??o cho m???c ti??u s???n xu???t kinh doanh.
 V??? th???c hi???n ?????u t?? m???i c?? ch???n l???c, c?? gi???i h???n, t??n gi??m ?????c Nguy???n Xu??n L???p vui v???, c???i m??? cho bi???t:
   - ????? thay th??? c??c thi???t b??? c?? k??? ng??y c??ng xu???ng c???p, ????? ????p ???ng c???a y??u c???u s???n xu???t kinh doanh nh???ng n??m g???n ????y Cao S??n ???? m???nh d???n ?????u t?? h??ng ngh??n t??? ?????ng mua s???m th??m c??c thi???t b??? hi???n ?????i ph?? h???p v???i v???a mong v?? khai th??c xu???ng s??u c???a C??ng ty. Nh??ng C??ng ty ch??ng t??i kh??ng ?????u t?? d??n m???ng, m?? ?????u t?? c?? ch???n l???c v?? c?? gi???i h???n. C?? m??y khoan nh?? m??y Tamrock, xe tr???ng t???i 96 t???n gi?? ?????n 12 t??? m???t chi???c, ch??ng t??i v???n mua.. B??n c???nh ????, C??ng ty c??n ??p d???ng ph????ng th???c thu?? thi???t b??? m???i c???a c??c h??ng n?????c ngo??i, h???n ch??? chi ph?? ?????u t?? l???i c?? th??m thi???t b??? ????p ???ng y??u c???u s???n xu???t ph??t tri???n
    - ??i???m nh???n hay l?? nguy??n nh??n th??nh c??ng n???a c???a Cao S??n? ??? T??i h???i ti???p.
  Gi???m ?????c Nguy???n Xu??n L???p tr??? l???i ngay:
  - V??? vi???c ch??m lo t???t ??i???u ki???n l??m vi???c v?? c??c m???t ?????i s???ng cho ng?????i lao ?????ng th?? doanh nghi???p n??o c??ng ph???n ?????u, Cao S??n c??ng g???ng h???t s???c m??nh ????? ch??m lo cho ng?????i lao ?????ng. Ngo??i vi???c quan t??m gi???i quy???t vi???c l??m, b??? tr?? s???p x???p h???p l?? lao ?????ng, c???i thi???n ??i???u ki???n l??m vi???c, trang b??? ?????y ????? d???ng c??? v?? ph????ng ti???n l??m vi???c ????? c??n b??? c??ng nh??n l??m vi???c an to??n, v?????t n??ng su???t ?????nh m???c, thu nh???p n??m sau cao h??n n??m tr?????c, n??m 2004 l????ng b??nh qu??n 2,7 tri???u ?????ng / th??ng thi n??m nay ???? l??n 4,3 tri???u ?????ng. th??ng, Cao S??n ???? ?????u t?? h??ng tr??m t??? ?????ng ????? x??y d???ng c??c nh?? ??n tr??n khai tr?????ng, x??y d???ng nh?? tr???m x?? 20 gi?????ng, x??y d???ng l??ng m??? Cao S??n xanh ??? s???ch ??? ?????p. V???i ph????ng th???c mua nh?? tr??? g??p, hi???n nay c??ng nh??n n??o c?? nhu c???u nh?? ???, C??ng ty ?????u ??u ti??n cho mua ngay. Cao S??n nay ch??? c??n m???t v??i ng?????i ??? t???p th??? ????? ch??? ngh??? h??u v??? qu?? n???a th??i. V???i ng?????i lao ?????ng hi???n gi???, ch??ng t??i ???? x??a h??nh th???c k??? lu???t bu???c th??i vi???c. V???i ng?????i b??? k??? lu???t n???ng, ch??ng t??i cho h???c t???p chuy???n l??m vi???c kh??c, khi n??o bi???t nh???n ra khuy???t ??i???m, bi???t l???y c??ng chu???c t???i, ch??ng t??i cho l??m l???i vi???c c??. V?? c?? ng?????i lao ?????ng ch??nh nu??i c??? gia ????nh, ??u???i ng?????i ta ra ???????ng th?? v??? con, ng?????i ta h??? s???ng l??m sao n???i. Bi???t bao b???t h???nh s??? x???y ra!
       Nghe ?????n ??i???u n??y t??i ?????nh th???t l??n:  - ??i th???t nh??n ??i, nh??ng t??i t??? ki???m ch??? ???????c v?? ti???p l???ng nghe c??c anh trao ?????i.
   C?? m???t t??nh b???n, t??nh ng?????i r???t c???m ?????ng m?? t??i ???????c bi???t tr?????c ????y l?? anh Tr????ng C??ng ??i???u v?? nh?? th?? V?? V??n Tr???c.. H??a ra anh Tr????ng C??ng ??i???u ???? l??m gi??m ????c m??? Cao S??n t??? th??ng 11 n??m 1975 ?????n th??ng 8 n??m 1979. Anh ??i???u c??ng h???c v???i nh?? th?? V?? V??n Tr???c ??? Ngh??? An trong kh??ng chi???n ch???ng Ph??p. Bi???t b???n m??nh nh?? th?? ngh??o kh??ng c?? nh??, anh ??i???u cho ngay su???t ?????t 80 m??t vu??ng  t???i khu ph??? Y??n H??a, C???u Gi???y. Th???t l?? t??nh b???n h??n c??? ng??n v??ng! ?????t m???t ph??? ?? t?? ????? c???a ??? ???? gi??? ???? l?? 15 c??y v??ng m???t m??t vu??ng. Th?? ????ng l?? h??n ngh??n c??y v??ng.
       T??i l?? ng?????i b??? ????a ra kh???i bi???n ch??? Nh?? n?????c hai l???n n??n r???t th???m th??a vi???c l??m c???a L??nh ?????o m??? Cao S??n. M???t l???n c??ch ????y h??n 20 n??m v?? m???c m???t khuy???t ??i???m nh??? nh??ng t??i v???n b??? ??u???i vi???c, m???t l???n th?? ch??? m???c khuy???t g?? ch??? v?? ch??? tr??ch c???p tr??n vi???t k??m m?? b??? bu???c th??i vi???c. Hai l???n ???y v??? con t??i b??? l???y l???i nh?? t???p th???, b??? ?????y ra ???????ng g???n nh?? ??n xin. B??? h??nh th???c k??? lu???t ??u???i vi???c c???a Cao S??n c?? th??? s??nh v???i b??? ??n t??? h??nh c???a n?????c Th???y ??i???n!
    Tr??m nghe kh??ng b???ng m???t l???n m???t th???y, ba nh?? th?? ki??m nh?? b??o Mai Ph????ng, Ho??ng C??t v?? t??i c??ng Ph?? V??n ph??ng C??ng ty Nguy???n Kh??nh Ho??n leo l??n chi???c xe U o??t ?????i m???i c???a Li??n X?? ( c?? ) do Vi???t Nam l???p r??p nh???m h?????ng khai tr?????ng ??i l??n.
Nguy???n Kh??nh Ho??n t????i t???nh nh??ng h??i ??i ng???i b???o: - Ch??? c?? xe n??y m???i ??i ???????c khai tr?????ng, c??n c??c xe ??? qu?? ph??i??? kh??c ?????u kh??ng b?? l??n n???i.
Nh?? th?? Ho??ng C??t c?????i vui: - B???n n??y ?????u l?? l??nh chi???n th???c th??? n??n kh??ng v???n ????? g??.
    T???t c??? ch??ng t??i l??n xe. Chi???c U o??t ng???t ng?????ng leo d???c.
   N??i ???? l???m ch???m cao ng???t tr???p tr??ng hi???n ra tr?????c m???t. Xe l??n ????o r???i ????? xu???ng d???c, t??i c?? c???m gi??c nh?? l?? ??i du l???ch m???o hi???m ??ang th???nh h??nh b??y gi???. T???n tr??n c??c n??i cao c??c lo???i xe t???i, xe ben si??u tr?????ng, si??u tr???ng n???i nhau h??ng ??o??n ????? ch??? ?????t ??i ?????, ch??? than v??? nh???p. C??c m??y x??c, m??y ???i to nh?? c??i bi???t th??? m?? tr??ng nh??? nh?? chi???c ?? t?? ????? ch??i c???a tr??? con n???m v???t v??o t???n l??ng ch???ng n??i.  Tr??ng v???a hoang bi???t nh??ng c??ng th?? m???ng. T??i nh??? ngay ?????n b??i h??t ???Cao S??n m??a n???ng v??ng??? c???a nh???c s??? ????? H??a An m?? Cao S??n coi nh?? Cao S??n ca c???a m??nh, ???????c hai ca s??? c???a m??? l?? Ph????ng Oanh v?? Ph????ng Dung h??t cho ch??ng t??i nghe trong bu???i giao l??u.h??m tr?????c:
??? ???????ng l??n Cao S??n m??a thu n???ng v??ng/ ???????ng l??n cheo leo m??y tr???ng bay tr???p tr??ng ?????nh cao/ C?? l??n m???i bi???t n??i cao v???c s??u/ C?? l??n m???i th???y th????ng anh, c??c anh l??i xe tr??n t???ng/ ???????ng l??n Cao S??n quanh co, n???ng m??a gian kh?? anh ???? t???ng??? Y??u anh m???y ????o, em c??ng xin tr??o/ Y??u anh m???y s??ng em xin c??ng l???i ?????? B??i h??t ch??a l?? ki???t t??c nh??ng giai ??i???u ??m ?????m c???a n?? v?? nh???t l?? h??t cho ng?????i th??? n??n r???t truy???n c???m v?? c??ng nh??n ?????u thu???c v?? h??t, h??t cho ch??nh m??nh.
  ?????n C???m s??ng than s??? 3 c???a C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c than 3, t??i g???p v?? h???i chuy???n ngay ch??? ??inh Th??? Thanh Y???n, t??? tr?????ng t??? v???n h??nh s??ng. M???t n??? c??ng nh??n than hi???m hoi c???a th???i l??m than b??y gi???. M??y m??c hi???n ?????i, c??ng vi???c n???ng nh???c n??n c??c ????n v??? khai th??c than r???t ??t s??? d???ng lao ?????ng n??? v??o c??c vi???c n??y. Ch??? em l??m nh???ng c??ng vi???c kh??c nh??? nh??ng h??n.
  - Ch??? l??m ??? ????y ???? l??u ch??a, thu nh???p th??? n??o? ??? T??i h???i.
  Ch??? Y???n ch??a tr??? l???i v???i, ch??? ????a tay g??? c??i kh???n che m???t,????? chi???c n??n b??n c???nh r???i m???i h?????ng v??o kh??ch.
 Th??? m??? v???t v???, ph??? n??? l??m than v???t v???, nh??ng t??i th???y ch??? Y???n tuy c?? b??? d???u v???t ngh??? nghi???p nh??ng kh??ng l???p n???i c??i v??? xinh x???n c???a ph??i ?????p. Ch??? c?????i duy??n tr??? l???i r??nh r???t:
  - Em v??o ng??nh ???? l??u r???i nh??ng l??n C???m s??ng 3 th?? m???i m???t n??m nay. Ch??ng em l??m 1 ca 6 ti???ng ?????ng h???.  M???t ca s??ng ???????c 1 800 t???n than. L????ng b???n em h?????ng theo s???n ph???m. B??nh qu??n thu nh???p 1,5 tri???u ?????ng/ th??ng, ngo??i ra c?? m???t ??t ti???n th?????ng th??m.
 - Hai v??? ch???ng l??m than, c???ng v???i l????ng ch???ng n???a l?? 4 tri???u ?????ng / th??ng th?? gia ????nh ch??? c??ng ????? s???ng ??? T??i b???o.
  Ch??? Y???n tr???m ng??m:
 - C??ng kh??ng bi???t ????u l?? ????? c??c b??c ???. B??y gi??? ????u ch??? c?? ??n m?? c??n nhi???u th??? l???m, n??o ti vi, t??? l???nh, xe m??y, con c??i h???c h??nh. Ch??ng em c?? sao th?? dung v???y, t??ng ti???m m?? s???ng th??i. Con g??i than v???t v??? l???m anh ??i!
  - Em n??i th??? l?? r???t ch??nh x??c ??? T??i g???t ?????u ?????ng ??.
   T??i r???t t??m ni???m vi???c n??y. V?? g???p trong tho??ng ch???c, h??n n???a m??nh nh?? l?? quan s??t vi??n, trong ph??t gi??y l??m sao ????? gi???i th??ch r??nh r???i c??c lo???i c??ng vi???c tr??n ?????i. Nh??ng th??m t??m t??i mu??n k??? cho ch??? Y???n v?? t???t c??? m???i ng?????i nghe, bi???t r???ng kh??ng c?? c??ng vi???c n??o m??nh l??m h???t m??nh v?? n?? m?? kh??ng v???t v???.
  T??i nh??? c??ch ????y m???y n??m khi t??i vi???t v??? ngh??? m??a. Ngh??? m??a c?? l??? l?? ngh??? r???t qu?? ph??i, th??m tho, sang tr???ng nh??ng ngh??? s??? m??a ????? c?? m???t ??i???u m??a l??m m?? ho???c kh??n gi??? h??? c??ng ????? m??? h??i, s??i n?????c m???t kh??ng k??m m???t c???u th??? b??ng ???? l???ng danh n??o th??? gi???i, c?? khi c??n ph???i hy sinh h???nh ph??c ri??ng c???a con ng?????i! Ngh??? s??? ??u t?? L?? Vy, Nguy???n Th??? Th???y Hi???u tr?????ng tr?????ng M??a Cao ?????ng Vi???t Nam l?? m???t th?? d???. T??i vi???t b??i ???L?? Vy hi???n d???u v?? t??i n??ng??? in tr??n T???p ch?? Th???i trang tr??? c??ng m???y n??m tr?????c; L?? Vy t??m t??nh v???i t??i: ??? Ngh??? m??a kh??? l???m m?? anh. Em h???c m??a su???t ng??y, su???t th??ng. Kh??ng c?? ??i???u ki???n h???c ??? n?????c ngo??i, em ph???i h???c m??a qua b??ng h??nh. H???c kh?? nh???t l?? h???c m??a Trung Qu???c v?? ???n D???. Em b??? qu???e ch??n nhi???u l???n. R??i L?? Vy ch??? cho t??i xem c??i b??n ch??n b??? s??ng khi t???p c??c ?????ng t??c m??a kh?? c???a n?????c ngo??i. C??n ch??? Th???y t??? m??a Ba l?? ???? l??n l??m c??n b??? qu???n l??, ch??? sinh ch??? ?????a con nh??ng b??? khi???m khuy???t, ch???ng con dang d???, ch??? ch??? l???y c??ng vi???c l??m vui! Cu???c ?????i n?? l?? nh?? th???!
 D???u c??n nh???c nh???n, v???t v??? v?? lu??n ?????i m???t v???i hi???m nguy nh??ng th??? m??? c??ng b???ng m?? n??i ???????c ch??m s??c chu ????o t??? nh?? ???, mi???ng ??n, c??i m???c, ?????i s???ng v??n hoa tinh th???n v?? ?????c bi???t l?? c??c th??nh qu??? lao ?????ng m?? h??? lu??n ???????c b?? ????p x???ng ????ng v???i c??ng s???c. ????? l??m d?????c ??i???u n??y, c??c th??? h??? c??n b??? c??ng nh??n lao ?????ng ng??nh Than ???? n??? l???c ph???n ?????u. V?? ?????c bi???t c?? m???t ?????ng l???c lu??n th??c ?????y h??? v????n t???i ?????nh cao l?? ch??nh nh???ng l???i d???y c???a B??c H??? k??nh y??u khi Ng?????i nhi???u l???n v??? th??m V??ng m??? c??ng nh?? nhi???u l???n c??n b???, c??ng nh??n ng??nh Than vinh d??? ???????c g???p B??c.
  Ch??ng t??i ??i th??m nhi???u ??i???m n???a c???a khai tr?????ng Cao S??n. C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c 3 do Ho??ng V??n D?????ng l??m qu???n ?????c ??? tr??n m???t ?????nh n??i kh?? cheo leo. Anh m???i ngo??i 40 nh??ng tr??ng r???t tr???. Hai v??? ch???ng c??ng l??m ng??nh than. Ch??? v??? ??? b??n C???c S??u. Anh ???? c?? con h???c ?????i h???c ??? H?? N???i. Tr??ng tr??? th??? nh??ng anh ???? c?? 25 n??m trong ngh??? than. Ph?? v??n ph??ng Nguy???n Kh??nh Ho??n cho hay: - Anh D?????ng tr?????c ????y l?? B?? th?? ??o??n Thanh ni??n C??ng ty, h???t tu???i ??o??n anh sang l??m c??n b??? ?????ng ???y C??ng ty, r???i t??nh nguy???n l??n m???.- M???t con ng?????i r???t l??n l???n ??? T??i th???m ngh?? nh?? th???. Anh D?????ng b??o c??o cho ??o??n nghe: - C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c 3 c?? 4 c???m s??ng, C???m s??ng 3 ch??ng t??i v???a m???i ??i qua c??ng ??? trong C??ng tr?????ng c???a anh. T???t c??? c?? 241 c??n b???, c??ng nh??n. Qu?? I / 2008 ???? l??m ???????c 1 tri???u t???n than, v?????t m???c 13% k??? ho???ch C??ng ty giao. ????n v??? anh c??ng l?? ????n v??? ??i???m Cao S??n.
 Ch??ng t??i ?????n Ph??n x?????ng V???n t???i 3. Cao S??n c?? ?????n 8 Ph??n x?????ng V???n t???i nh?? th??? n??y. Anh V????ng V??n Bi??n l?? qu???n ?????c c??ng c??? tu???i nh?? anh D?????ng, c??ng n??ng ?????ng, nhi???t t??nh nh?? th???. Ph??n x?????ng 1 c?? 117 c??n b??? c??ng nh??n, c?? 13 xe t???i l???n, trong ???? c?? 2 chi???c C??t 96 t???n, m???i chi???c tr??? gi?? 12 t??? ?????ng. Nhi???m v??? c???a Ph???n x?????ng l?? v???n chuy???n ?????t v?? than. N??m 2007 ???? v???n chuy???n ???????c: 24 500 000 t???n/ km. N??m 2008 k??? ho???ch C??ng ty giao v???n chuy???n l?? 30 tri???u t???n/km. Trong qu?? I / 2008 ???? th???c hi???n g???n ???????c 1/3 k??? ho???ch r???i. ????n v??? lu??n ???????c C??ng ty bi???u d????ng.
   - Trong ??i???u ki???n kh?? kh??n nh?? th??? n??y v?? sao Ph??n x?????ng ho??n th??nh t???t c??ng vi???c? ??? T??i h???i.
V????ng V??n Bi??n tr??? l???i ngay:
  - Anh ch??? em ??? ????y ai c??ng y??u ngh???. S??? th???t nh?? v???y. Qu???n ?????c, c??ng nh??n hi???u nhau, c??ng chung s???c, chung l??ng c??ng t??c. Ai l??m nhi???u h?????ng nhi???u, l??m ??t h?????ng ??t. Qu???n ?????c s???p x???p, b??? tr?? h???p l?? c??ng vi???c, c??n b???, c??ng nh??n t??? v???n chuy???n, t??? s???a ch???a thi???t b???, t??? b??o qu???n. L??i xe, th??? s???a ch???a ti???p c???n k??? thu???t m???i, l??m ch??? trang thi???t b??? ????? l??m c?? n??ng su???t cao. Nghe anh Bi??n b??o c??o t??i nh??? ngay l???i anh Nguy???n Tr???ng B??nh, Ch??nh V??n ph??ng C??ng ty n??i: - B??y gi??? xe m??y hi???n ?????i, ng???i trong xe ben nh?? ng???i trong ph??ng l???nh, v?? l????ng r???t cao n??n c??n b??? c??ng nh??n r???t ch??m ch??t c??ng vi???c c???a m??nh. H??? t??? gi??c b???o qu???n xe m??y, d???ng c??? lao ?????ng, l??m vi???c n??ng su???t th?? h?????ng l????ng cao n??n ai ai c??ng nhi???t t??nh h??m h???. Ng?????i qu???n l?? nh??n nh?? h??n. T??? n???n ??n c???p c??ng kh??ng c??n n???a. ?????y l?? s??? th???t m?? c??ng l?? ??i???u ch??nh x??c nh???t.
       R???i Ph??n x?????ng V???n t???i 3, ch??ng t??i ?????n C??ng tr?????ng khai th??c 2.  Tr??? s??? C??ng tr?????ng l?? m???t t??a nh?? 3 t???ng to l???n n???m tr??n ?????nh ????o, ki???u d??ng do Li??n X?? x??y d???ng t??? th???p k??? 70. Qu???n ?????c C??ng tr?????ng l?? V?? V??n To??n ng?????i m???nh mai nh??ng r???t vui t??nh. Ch???c anh ti???p x??c nhi???u nh?? b??o, nh?? v??n, ngh??? s??? c??ng v???i b???n t??nh h??i h?????c n???a n??n c??u chuy???n ph???ng v???n gi???a kh??ch v?? ch??? tr??? th??nh c??u chuy???n vui trong ng??y.
  V?? V??n To??n v??o ng??nh than t??? n??m 1977, c?? b???ng ?????i h???c m???, v??? c??ng l??m ng??nh than, c??ng ??? b??n m??? C???c S??u nh?? v??? anh D?????ng, c??ng c?? con h???c ?????i h???c ??? H?? N???i. C??ng tr?????ng 2 c?? 300 c??n b??? c??ng nh??n, n??? 15 ng?????i .C??ng tr?????ng qu???n l?? 13 m??y x??c, 8 m??y khoan.. M??y n??o c??ng gi?? ti???n tr??n ch???c t??? ?????ng. Kh?? kh??n c???a C??ng tr?????ng 2 l?? cung ????? v???n chuy???n xa, khai th??c xu???ng s??u, ??i???u ki???n l??m vi???c gian kh??? h??n tr?????c. Nh??ng n??m 2007 ???? th???c hi???n ???????c 1,5 tri???u m3 than, v???n chuy???n ?????t 11 tri???u m3, khoan 330 000m. T???t c??? d???u v?????t k??? ho???ch C??ng ty giao. N??m 2008 k??? ho???ch giao c??ng gi???ng n??m 2007, m???i qu?? I ???? th???c hi??n ???????c 1/3 k??? ho???ch.
L????ng b??nh qu??n to??n C??ng tr?????ng l?? g???n 4 tri???u ?????ng/ th??ng. L????ng b??nh qu??n nh?? th??? c??ng ???? kh?? l???m r???i.
  Bu???i tr??a ch??ng t??i ???????c ??n c??m tr??a t???i m???. ????ng l?? b???a c??m th?????ng trong l??ng m???. Su???t ??n tr??a n??y C??ng ty cho c??ng nh??n. Anh Nguy???n Kh??nh Ho??n cho bi???t: - Tr?????c ????y m???t su???t ??n 10 000 ?????ng, nh??ng c??ng nh??n ??n kh??ng h???t, c??ng ty tr??ch l???i 2 000 ?????ng ????? ph??? v??o l????ng c???a c??ng nh??n, gi??? ch??? ??n 8 000 ?????ng c??ng ????? ti??u chu???n.
 B???a tr??a c?? c??c m??n: th???t, ch??? r??n, rau lu???c, rau x??o, canh.  C???nh ??n t???p th??? gi???ng nh?? th???p k??? 70 th?? k??? tr?????c, nh??ng ch???t l?????ng ??n h??n nhi???u. C??ng nh??n ??n ngon mi???ng ???? ????nh, ch??ng t??i c??ng r???t ngon mi???ng. Nh?? th?? Ho??ng C??t th?????ng ng??y ch??? l??ng b??t, gi??? c??ng x??i ?????n ba b??t c??m ?????y. Nh??n anh ch??? em c??ng nh??n v??  ??o??n ??n, t??i r???t c???m k??ch! C??ng nh??n ???????c ch??m s??c nh?? th??? n??y tuy ch??a ph???i l?? ????i ng??? g?? gh?? g???m l???m nh??ng c??ng l?? ????ng qu?? l???m r???i!
   H??m sau, ch??ng t??i ??i th??m l??ng m???. N??i l??ng cho ?????m ???m nh??ng th???c ra l?? ph??? m???. Nh?? cao t???ng d???ng l??n san s??t.  C??c ki???u d??ng m???i r???t hi???n ?????i. Ti???n nghi v???t d???ng trong m???i gia ????nh r???t l?? m?? ????c. Cao S??n ???? chi m???t s??? ti???n l???n thu?? xe ????? ?????t l???p bi???n ????? chia l??, ph??n ?????t cho c??n b??? c??ng nh??n vi??n. Ai nhi???u ti???n th?? mua c??c l?? ?????t hai ba tr??m m??t vu??ng, ai ??t ti???n th?? mua l?? ba b???n ch???c m??t vu??ng.  Nhi???u l?? ?????t ???? ???????c ph??n ranh gi???i ch??? ng?????i ?????n x??y d???ng. L??ng c?? c???a m??? c??ch tr??? s??? C??ng ty ????? c??y s???, n???m c???nh v???nh B??i T??? Long th?? m???ng. Ch??ng t??i ?????n v??o gi??? ch??a tan t???m n??n l??ng v???ng l???ng. ?????i c??ng nh??n tan ca, ch??ng t??i ng???i qu??n n?????c c???nh ???????ng l???n d??nh cho xe ch??? than v??? c???ng. C?? g??i b??n qu??n l?? v??? c???a c??ng nh??n l??i m??y h??c.Anh ch???ng ??i l??m ch??a v???, ch??? v??? t?????ng ch??ng t??i l?? nh???ng ng?????i ??i mua than n??n n??i n??ng b???c tu???ch k??? c??? k??u than.
  T??i v???a n???a ????a, n???a th???t: - Nh?? ch??? r???ng m???t tr??m m??t vu??ng, c?? ti vi, t??? l???nh, m??y ??i???u h??a, xe fu tr???, ch??ng t??i mong c??n ch??a ???????c ?????y.
  C?? b??n qu??n k??u l??n: - ???i d??o, m???y th??? ???y b??y gi??? ai ch??? c??, c??c b??c c??n ?? t??, bi???t th??? n???a l??, ch??ng em c??ng nh??n v???t v???, ??? ????y to??n b???i than m?? th??i.
T??i c?????i: - Em c??n tr???, ch??? c?? m???t m??nh ch???ng ??i l??m nu??i c??? gia ????nh m?? s???m s???a ???????c nh?? th??? n??y l?? qu?? gi???i r???i. Kh??ng ch??? anh m?? th??? tr?????ng c???p cao v???i v???i c???a anh tr?????c ????y ?????n 75 tu???i m???i s???m n???i c??i ??i???u h??a nhi???t ????? ????.
 C?? ta l???c ????u: - Ng??y x??a kh??c, b??y gi??? kh??c, nay m??y ??i???u h??a r??? nh?? b??n.
 T??i n??i l???i: - Th??? tr?????ng c???a t??i m???i mua c??ch ????y 2 n??m th??i.
H??nh nh?? bi???t t??i n??i th???t c?? ta im l???ng v?? tr??? l???i nh???ng c??u h???i c???a anh em.
Nh?? c???a c?? M?????i ( l??c sau th??m c??c nh?? c??ng nh??n kh??c t??i m???i bi???t c?? ta t??n M?????i ) ????ng 100 m??t vu??ng, thu???c di???n nh?? C??ng ty b??n tr??? g??p. C?? M?????i tr??? m???t th??ng 700 000 ?????ng theo t??? l??? 15%. V???y l????ng ch???ng c?? l?? 4 000 000 ?????ng/ th??ng. C??ng ty Cao S??n cho c??ng nh??n mua nh?? tr??? g??p v???i s??? ti???n theo t??? l??? l????ng ???????c h?????ng. Ai l????ng cao tr??? cao, l????ng th???p tr??? th???p. Th???t l?? ??u ??i.
 Nh?? anh V?? ????nh H?????ng, qu???n ?????c Ph??n x?????ng V???n t???i 1 ??? c???nh nh?? c?? M?????i c??ng tr??? g??p nh?? v???y. Nh?? anh H?????ng 70 m??t vu??ng gi?? 82 tri???u ?????ng, anh H?????ng l????ng cao h??n ch???ng c?? M?????i n??n tr??? 1,5 tri???u ?????ng/ th??ng. Anh H?????ng tr??? kho???ng 3 n??m n???a l?? h???t n???. Anh c?? m???t c??i nh?? khang trang ?????p ?????, nhi???u ng?????i m?? kh??ng ???????c. Kh??ng ch??? c?? M?????i, anh H?????ng m?? ngay t??n gi??m ?????c Nguy???n Xu??n L???p c??ng mua nh?? tr??? g??p v?? ??? d??y nh?? tr?????c m???t nh?? c?? M?????i. Anh m???i chuy???n v??? nh?? m???i c??ch ????y ??t th??ng.
   ?????i s???ng c??ng nh??n m??? b??y gi??? th???t ?????i thay, kh??ng so v???i th???i tr?????c, so ngay c??i th???i bao c???p th???p k??? 90 c??ng ???? kh??c xa l???m r???i. Nh??ng th??? h??? nh?? c?? M?????i, anh H?????ng h??? ????i h???i h??n n???a l?? ????ng. V?? cu???c s???ng ng??y m???t thay ?????i. N??u Cao S??n ??n n??n l??m ra h??n h??m nay th?? m???i mong mu???n c???a ng?????i th??? m??? s??? l?? c???u ???????c ?????c th???y.
  L??m nh?? Cao S??n b??y gi??? c??ng ???? x???ng danh anh h??ng gi???a thanh thi??n r???i!
                                        C???m Ph??? - H?? N???i 3 -2008
                                                        ?? - H
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